Wednesday, 31 October 2012

'Despicable Me 2' Film Trailer Preview

A Halloween special teaser trailer for the sequel to 'Despicable Me' has been released.

Two minions are seen to be lullabying the children to sleep before hearing noises and goes exploring... only to be abducted by what we can only expect to be the villain of the sequel (voiced by Al Pacino). Steve Carell returns to voice Gru.

UPDATE: The full length trailer has just been released and sees Gru trying to save the world after being abducted by the anti-villain league whilst trying to look after three girls.

The movie is scheduled for a July 2013 release.

Check out the trailer below:

'Such Wicked Intent' by Kenneth Oppel Book Review

From the award winning author of Airborn, 'Such Wicked Intent' is the follow up to the dark teen novel 'This Dark Endeavour'. 

Following the tragic death of his twin brother Konrad, Victor is in remorse over his meddlings with the elixir of life and the whole house is in mourning. The books from the dark library are burned but when Victor discovers a metallic book which survived the fire with instructions to communicate with the dead, his interest is piqued.

With his childhood friends Elizabeth and Henry, Victor is reunited with his brother in the shadow world and together, try to bring Konrad back to life. But something is stirring from the depths of the chateau, something dark, which may prevent them from returning to the real world.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Heather Kuzmich by Christine Hill


Heather Kuzmich, contestant of ANTM Cycle 9 and my favourite on that cycle has been pretty dormant since the show finished airing but a recent shoot by Christine Hill sees her in high fashion styling. 

Kuzmich looks phenomenal in the gowns and her awkwardness still radiates a quirk which works. Glad to see she's back.

Check out the rest of the shoot below:

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Allison Harvard by David Phelps

Allison Harvard appears in a shoot by David Phelps, dressed in a vibrant jacket, styled by Judson Harmon and Nathaniel Visneaskus. Allison looks extremely sexy and full of attitude in the artistic and hip style of photography.

See more images below:

'Skyfall' Film Review

When a terrorist organisation takes hold of a hard drive containing a list with the identities of all MI6 operatives in the field and plans to release them, M's position is at risk. Bond (Daniel Craig) must track down the source in order to protect M (Judi Dench) and the British secret service. 

But he soon discovers M's dark and slippery past when he reaches ex-agent Silva (Javier Bardem) and his loyalty to the woman is tested.

The opening sequence was adrenaline pumped and exciting to watch- especially the high speed rooftop motorcycle chase, setting the bar for the rest of the movie. Flicking from location to location, interspersed with London, each country was filmed with a different style, rendering the cinematography beautiful. 

I especially loved the technologically artistic Skyscraper Glass scene in Shanghai as well Bond's lantern filled entry into Macau; the beauty of these two dramatically contrast with the grittiness of Turkey and the dreary grey of London. 

The pace of the movie increases as Bond reaches Silva, a villain which has real character and personality unlike some of the more recent ones. Not only that, but Silva is surprisingly personable and even at times humorous. In this way, Silva wasn't particularly 'scary' or intimidating, but certainly powerful and full of flair.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Delta Goodrem 'Child of the Universe' Deluxe Album Review

Delta Goodrem's latest album, 'Child of the Universe' is the fourth offering from Australia's sweetheart. Dormant for five years, Goodrem has been on tour with other singers such as Michael Bolton, featured in ex Brian McFadden's album 'Wall of Soundz' as well as judge 'The Voice', all the while writing for this album.

The album contains fifteen new tracks:

1. Child of the Universe 4.5/5
The opening track and the title track is a powerful anthemic tune but might suffer from overproduction making it slightly too dramatic. That said, it is one of the most powerful tracks on the album which is engrossing and you can lose yourself in this song.

2. Touch 3.5/5
Interesting lyrically but again feels overproduced and Delta's voice has to fight through everything that's going on around it. An upbeat and catchy song.

3. Wish You Were Here 5/5
Delta's third single and one of my favourite tracks of hers EVER, 'Wish You Were Here' is a heartfelt and emotional song about her friend who died. The softness and emotion really makes this song powerful. This is what I wanted the whole album to sound like. Can't stop listening to it- so beautiful.


4. Knocked Out 4/5
A great song with a catchy beginning and it really grows on you the more you listen to it, builds up to a really addictive and pop chorus.

5. Sitting on Top of the World 4.5/5
Lead single off the record, 'Sitting on Top of the World' is a catchy and addictive chart topper (first top 10 since 2007) that just gets you excited and want to jump and dance. A strong and triumphant return!

America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 9 Recap

Last week we were left hanging as to which of the eliminated girls would come back. One of the seven girls will be joining the rest as they travel to Jamaica for the international destination... The girl who will be joining them is...

LEILA!!! (The right choice but I really like Brittanyyyyyy!!!) Now Laura will have some real competition ;)

The girls arrive in Jamaica. Kiara is getting the eliminated girl edit... just saying. The girls are welcomed by Tyra and Jamaican music and male models, one of whom Kiara is smitten with. After spending time with Tyra, the girls go on their first challenge.

The challenge this week sees the girl choreograph a dance-hall routine with swagger. So it was pretty funky- Laura didn't look modelesque, Kristin was reserved but looked pretty, Victoria was pretty good, Leila seemed off beat, Nastasia and Kiara did well together and therefore won the challenge!

The final challenge scores:
Nastasia 9
Kiara 9
Victoria 8
Leila 8
Laura 7
Kristin 7

For the photo shoot this week, the girls will be rafting on a river and portraying a narrative of torn love, between Rob and the male models. Kiara pics Korey the one who she's been flirting with.

I thought Victoria did well- the micromovements she made was interesting. Laura did alright but didn't like her styling. Leila looked fantastic on set and got good feedback. 

Nastasia fitted right into the shot and looked stunning- Rihanna-esque, and took a good photo. Kristin struggles on set but looked great. Kiara was awkward and was too distracted by the male model.

At panel, Nastasia gets a good shot- she has a STUNNING face- didn't like her hand placement (slightly awkward) but apart from that great shot, getting a 7,8,10 from the judges. Leila has an alright shot, which Kelly and Rob loves but Tyra thinks it is too catalogue. I think it's pretty but her expression isn't passionate enough. She gets an 8, 8, 6. 

Kiara's shot is horrible, she gets a 6,6,7 = going home. 100%. Victoria gets a 6, 6, 7 too, making Kiara have one point over Victoria from the challenge... oooh.. close one.

Kristin's shot is average- body horrible- face somewhat redemptive. When asked to act like a fool, she is silly and not at all crazy- Tyra demonstrates by going all out and shouting 'I HAVE NEVER YELLED AT A GIRL LIKE THIS'- LOVE IT soo funny! haha... Anyway she gets a 6,7,8.

Laura does a good job and gets an 8, 9, 9 (another first call out?)... So pretty obvious that Kiara and Victoria will be in the bottom two...

So the girl with the highest score this week is...

Friday, 26 October 2012

Owl City 'Shooting Star' Official Music Video

Fans of Owl City will be pleased to see another music video, this time for 'Shooting Star' which was released on the latest album, 'The Midsummer Station'.

The song is upbeat and the video takes on a Katy Perry 'Firework'-esque feel to it. I liked the street lamps going on and off at the beat of the song.

Check out the music video below:

Owl City 'When Can I See You Again' Official Music Video

Owl City's musical contribution to Disney's new film 'Wreck it Ralph' is a fun and catchy tune. Titled 'When Can I See You Again', the upbeat song fits right into the movie style.

The video is also great fun, seeing Adam Young be playful inside 8-bit inspired set, with scenes from the movie seamlessly integrated into it. I can't wait to see this movie which comes out in time for Christmas.

Check out the video below:

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Taylor Swift 'Begin Again' Official Music Video

The video to Taylor Swift's second single 'Begin Again' has been released.

Filmed in Paris, Swift walks the banks and bridges of the river city and meets a guy in a cafe. She sings from the rooftops with views of the opera house and the Eiffel Tower.

The video is beautifully filmed and the colour scheme is great- Swift looked stunning in the red polka dot dress. Her new album RED is released now.

Check out the video below and more screenshots after the jump:

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

'Iron Man 3' Film Trailer Preview

The trailer to the upcoming Iron Man sequel has just been released, after many teaser posters and much anticipation.

Robert Downey Jr reprises his role as billionaire philanthropist Tony Stark and the dark tones of the opening seems to see him 'find himself' after the events of the last movie. But when evil strikes again and Tony's love Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is in danger, he must fight to save her and his legacy.

Also stars Rebecca Hall, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce and Ben Kingsley. I wished Scarlett Johansson would return as Black Widow here, but she's going to cameo in Captain America Winter soldier :P 

After the huge success of 'The Avengers' this year, Iron Man 3 will be coming to our cinema screens May 2013. Check out the trailer below:


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Miniature Installation Photography by David DiMichele

Artist and photographer David DiMichele creates magnificent miniature installations and photographs them, playing with scale and our fascination. Using everyday found objects such as wire, salt and glass, the images show spaces which are exciting and dynamic- inviting us to explore them, but only visually. 

I'd love to see a real installation with some of these concepts!

Check out more images below:

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Taylor Swift 'Red' Deluxe Edition Album Review

Taylor Swift's fourth album, titled 'Red', tells of the extreme emotions she has experienced in relationships, summed up by the intense colour. Following her record breaking album 'Speak Now' which she wrote mainly by herself, she seeked to collaborate with as many people as she could on the follow up, working with Ed Sheeran and smash-hit maker Max Martin.

The cover shows much of Swift enveloped by shadow but her bright red lips are shown, a sign of womanhood, sexuality and innocence. It is a simple but beautiful and sophisticated cover, which reflects the change of her artistry in these two years.

The album contains sixteen brand new tracks:

1. State Of Grace 5/5
The opening track to 'Red' as well as the song with the most intriguing title, 'State of Grace' is a dreamy yet powerful track about falling in love. A positive departure from the traditional Swift sound, the song is exciting and will hook you from the start.

2. Red 5/5
As one of the early release preview tracks, the title track has easily become one of my favourites already. The catchy riffs and the colourful lyrics are addictive but begin to show her development as an artist as she progresses from a teenager to a young woman.

3. Treacherous 3.5/5
After two insane lead tracks, 'Treacherous' is rather subdued and more of a ballad, but grows in power towards the end. A music video would just make this song, and it has great potential to grow on you.

4. I Knew You Were Trouble 5/5
Back to another super catchy song with an awesome chorus. Here, Swift takes a jab at herself after falling for someone she 'knew was trouble' and creates wonderful music. The simple riffs are addictive and is very different to her previous music which I love.


5. All Too Well 4/5
Another quieter track but one which returns to Swift's roots, a more country sounding song, reminding us why we love her, but 'All too well' is definitely more grown up and builds up to an explosive climax.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 8 Recap

So last week there was no ANTM which made us all sad I'm sure, but tonight is a special night, because one of the eliminated girls will COME BACK- who will it be?

The girls get back home, talk about which of the girls they think will come back (Alyssa/Leila having consistent scores) and then about Victoria. Kristin and Victoria have a little argument about panel last week and that the girls don't think Victoria can handle the competition.

Victoria is again defensive and it's tiring. Kristin is right- don't start something you can't finish. She is definitely growing on me- as much as I disliked her to begin with, she makes a lot of sense.

The challenge this week is GO-SEES!! The girls leave in pairs and go to 5 designers. The girl who books the most jobs win.

Kristin + Brittany
Laura + Nastasia
Victoria + Kiara

So Kristin and Brittany did a good job and got good feed back generally. Brittany might have been to sweet for some, but just right for others. 

Victoria and Kiara weren't great as a team. Victoria spoke over Kiara at one of the go-sees which was really rude and she wasn't personable. 

Laura and Nastasia were rushed for time. Laura really wanted to get to GUESS but had only 22 minutes left. They decide to go anyway even if they might be late, but made it back just in time.

So each designer picked one girl to book the job-
Celia Cassini- Kiara
Lulu Guinness- Nastasia
Charlotte Ronson- Kristin
Whitney Port- Laura
GUESS- Laura

which makes Laura also the challenge winner. Brittany and Victoria booked 0. 

Here are the challenge scores:

What's interesting is that Brittany and Victoria both didn't get the lowest score... so we'll see how they fare at panel after the shoot!

This week's photoshoot is a fashion mugshot. The girls were taken to jail and put through the process- which was quite funny. 

Victoria goes crazy again with her character and has a messy shoot to begin with. She started spitting around... eww.. Laura looked great on set.

Kristin also looked great but struggled to open her eyes. Brittany is clearly sabotaged- the styling is awful on her this week- she looks really old and it's just horrendous. 

Kiara struggled as she was arrested at a young age and didn't want to be here. She went a bit crazy as Brittany demonstrated but got a good shot in the end.

I feel like Brittany might be sent home because her shoot was clearly sabotaged... but hope she doesn't!

At panel, Kristin gets a good score of 8, 7, 8. Nastasia gets a 7, 7, 8 which might just save her from going home... I didn't like her eyes at all- she looks like a blow-up doll ¬.¬

Victoria gets critiqued for her photo which is pretty bad- over acted and just not modelesque. Victoria appeals to emotion as she voices her feeling of being bullied which is totally false, and Tyra gives her an 8 (WHAT) and Rob gives her a 7, whilst Kelly gives her an honest score of a 6. 

Kiara's photo is critiqued and yet she gets a score of 7,9,9 WHAT?? these scores are ridic. oh wait then Tyra reduces her score to a 7. OUCH. 

Brittany gets a 6,7,5 which means she's going home. Rob is just nasty. Tyra uses her score to kind of take into account the modelling potential as well... so... well... it's pretty clear Brittany is going home. :(

Laura gets a 9,9,9 for a stunning photo and she'll almost definitely get first call out AGAIN. I think this week is pretty obvious... Bye Brit :( but the question is... WHO COMES BACK???

The girl with the best score this week is...

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ernesto Neto for Louis Vuitton Store in Tokyo

Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto, famous for his suspended interactive installations, has installed a new piece in Louis Vuitton's Tokyo store espace for exhibition. Titled 'Madness is part of life', the work is a crazy and organic winding structure, coloured a bright orange against the white walls, which invites users to walk into.

The views from within the structure of Japan out of the large windows will no doubt reflect the idea perfectly. The installation will be on show until January. 

Check out more images below:

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Allison Harvard for Flair Design Events

Shot by Sal Fudiccia, Allison appears in a Flair Design Events shoot, wearing super cute accessories, head wear and masks. The one where she wears bunny ears reminds me so much of Fran in Final Fantasy XII

Since the All-Star cycle, Allison has increased her modelling work tremendously and continues to model for Bench Universe and many online shoots.

Check out more images below:

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mesmerising Spherical World Montage by Catherine Nelson

Artist Catherine Nelson creates mesmerising miniature worlds using thousands of photographs and montage. Nelson, who worked on movie projects such as Harry Potter, 300 and Moulin Rouge, created these pieces entirely by using photos.

The images are fantastical and showcase the beauty that can be found in our world as well as the magic of the seasonal changes.

Check out more images below:

Saturday, 13 October 2012

'Catch My Breath' by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson will be releasing her first greatest hits album later this month.

10 years since winning Idol, Clarkson has released five top 10 albums and numerous smash hits. The Greatest hits album will feature tracks spanning her career, including songs from 'Stronger' which was released last year. 

Several new tracks will also be on the album, including the latest single 'Catch my Breath'. Listen to it below:

GIVEAWAY: Dark Shadows Triple Play Blu-Ray Pack


Dear All EdgeofthePlank readers, 

Launching our first GIVEAWAY ever (hopefully the first of many), we have a Dark Shadows Triple Play Blu-Ray Pack for one lucky reader! 

Dark Shadows is yet another extraordinary film by Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp, based on the classic TV show. 'Dark Shadows' tells of vampire Barnabus Collins (Depp) who is cursed by a witch (Eva Green) who desperately tries to make him love her. 

Also stars Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer and Chloe Moretz.

All you have to do in order to be in a chance of winning is to:

1. LIKE the Facebook Page
2. Leave a Comment on the giveaway post.
3. Spread the word and click 'SHARE' to tell all your friends!

Deadline is Midnight 20th October 2012 GMT. Open to UK residents only. 

TERMS: Only one winner will be selected at random after the closing date. The winner will be contacted and be requested to supply a delivery address. Failure to do so within 24 hours will render their entry void and a new winner will be selected. Winner will be announced after the competition. In collaboration with PartnersHub, who will provide the prize. EdgeofthePlank is not liable for the misdelivery of the prize and decisions are final. 



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