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America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 3 Recap

So Leila got best photo last week and picks Laura to share the 'Tyra Suite' with. The girls get TyraMail which takes them to her makeovers. Maria gives attitude when she hears the news and claims she will refuse to get it cut. 

The twist this cycle is that the girls can decide if they do or do not want their makeover, but they have to decide before finding out what it is! oooh i like it! It kind of gives another reason why the girls suck if they choose not to have the makeover and gets a bad photo etc etc and then they will forever have the guilt of not knowing how it would've turned out if they did choose to have it - mwahhahah!

So, all the girls choose to have the makeover except for Maria and Victoria. I really don't know what to think- to praise her for her strength or hate on her for her stupidity. On one hand, surely she knows that to win, she must obey Tyra's orders and hence take the makeover. But on the other hand, taking it when you don't want it would be to succumb to tyranny of the show/producers (which would arguably be dumb) and maybe she's too smart for that. 

Victoria says: "My mom always told me to go with my gut. I hope it doesn't hurt me in the competition."

Maria puts it: "They gave us the option. They shouldn't be mad at us for taking it." Too true, but this is Top Model. Good Luck.

Tyra pays the girls a visit and talks to Maria and Victoria. They both get to open their envelopes:
Maria- Curly, layers, highlights
Victoria- Red, long, curly

Wow, it wasn't even that drastic. Victoria breaks down and regrets her decision. BUT WAIT- in her confessional, she wears a headscarf... does that mean...?

Nastasia get's a bigger lion's mane? THIS IS NOT A MAKEOVER. Same for Yvonne.


Kelly Cutrone asks Maria why she doesn't want a makeover and she says she just doesn't want it cut, but when asked if Karl Lagerfeld asked her the same, she says she would. Kelly tells her she's 'really commited to defending mediocrity' and leaves. What a lame statement. And Maria makes this beautiful wince of a face which says: "what are you saying" and I completely agree. 

The best makeover goes to... LAURA!!

Kiara gets annoyed at Darian for being loud and starts a shouting war- Yes, Kiara is the reincarnate spirit of Angelea and here to win top model AGAIN and being 'persistent'. She claims to be 'Right Here' (Angelea's song from All Star'...

Victoria sums it up perfectly: "You bitch. No you're a bitch. No I'm a real bitch. I'm like, That's not an argument. I mean, I'm a real bitch? What is that supposed to accomplish?"

For the photo shoot, the girls will be topless and modelling with new judge Rob Evans in a black and white artistic shot. 

Laura does really well, Nastasia seems to do well... the others are a bit boring... Maria decides to go home... like ok just go now... after of course calling Kelly a c*** in hair and makeup. I think she can definitely be a model but the Top Model process just isn't for non complying girls.

So Victoria does a good job on set (YAY!) but Destiny struggled to begin with.

At panel, Laura gets another great photo and a good score (10,8,8). A first example to judges defying these scores is when Kiara gets given a 4 by Kelly a 7 by Rob and a 9 by Tyra. ?? WHAT? Completely unjustified and 'saves her' from going home.

Victoria apologises at panel and is praised for her photo getting a 9,10,9. YES (Top call out? :W) until Brittany beats her score with a (9,10,10) and is apparently a hit on the fanbase. 

Yvonne gets a bad score with her horrendous picture but she is pretty in person. Nastasia has a strong shot but she reminds me of Nik from cycle 5. Destiny, with her new cut is basically a Liz from cycle 15. 

So... first girl called is...

VICTORIA!! YES YES YES YES YES!!! Followed by Brittany and Alyssa (MEH). In the bottom two are Yvonne and Darian and from the edit, Darian is going home and she does!! Tyra announces at panel that the eliminated girls will take part in photoshoots and have the chance to come back, which I'm sure the girls already know given they must've seem Jessie at the set of this week's shoot!

The scores from this week:

Next week looks intense as the girls do some crazy acting challenge and Destiny is tempted to hit Kristin.

1. Victoria
2. Laura
3. Brittany


  1. can some one start a petition for LESS Tyra and WAYYYY less male model guy and just STOP with the ugly fat angry women and to bring back Mr and Ms J


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