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America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 6 Recap

This is gonna be a quick recap cos I have a super busy weekend :3 So Nastasia gets best photo and shares the Tyra suite with Kiara. The girls talk about Leila's shock elimination and Brittany and Yvonne both thought Bryanboy was being super rude for shaking his head and revealing his liking for Leila, which made Brittany really upset.

Yvonne is getting the -go home- edit right now... with her talking on the phone and girls talking about her. BUT she has cleverly pointed out in her phone call how she thinks the show is treating them like 'products' and she doesn't like it- that's Top Model for you!!

The girls' challenge is to record a segment as a video game character for Uncharted 3, and the winning performance will get featured in the game. The girls real life movement will be transformed into the video game. This is pretty cool!! 

So Laura did the best in my opinion, and Yvonne and Victoria were pretty bad, but it was a hilarious challenge to watch. In the end, the winner is... Laura! 

The challenge scores are:

Nastasia and Victoria are in the bottom? :( Noooo they better NOT GO HOME.

For the photoshoot this week, the girls will be shot in vintage clothing alongside an owl, which Kristin admitted to being scared of backstage. Yvonne gets frustrated and impatient and blows a raspberry during her shoot as they want to change her dress and Bryanboy just went in on her, but Yvonne totally had the upperhand and made him look soo stupid. GO YVONNE. Hating this bryanboy.

So Laura did amazingly, Brittany did well... Victoria was in character but her face didn't seem to be there. Yvonne clears the air between her and Bryanboy.

At panel, Victoria gets an average shot, but Kelly likes her so obviously gave her an 8, and the others gave a 6 and a 7. Kristin has a great face but her body is stiff. Nastasia gets a 7 and a 5 from Kelly and Rob and Tyra CLEARLY is bumping up her score by giving her a 9... and given we know the challenge scores, I feel like Nastasia is safe given she has a good fan base... so maybe Victoria will be going home?

Yvonne gets an ok shot but gets a low score (so hopefully she goes instead of Vic), Allysa has a nice shot. Brittany gets a good shot- not a big fan of her jaw line (she has a Hannh Jones face shape) and needs to work her angles, but it is a strong shot and gets a 6,9,10 (first call out VS Laura?). 

Laura's shot is stunning and I do agree it's better than Brittany's- she gets a 10 all round. So it's pretty obvious Laura will get first call out followed by Brittany... but who will go? Will it be Yvonne? Victoria? Nastasia?

The girl with the best score this week is...

Laura followed by Brittany and Alyssa. In the bottom two are Victoria and Yvonne! NOOOO... The girl who goes home... is... Yvonne! YAY- good result!

The final scores:

Top Three:
1. Brittany
2. Victoria
3. Laura

The eliminated girls' photos from this week:

Leila's shot this week is pretty strong. I liked Jessie's but not that great.

Next week the girls will be doing a 'random acts of modelling' challenge and a party photoshoot.


  1. I really enjoy your recaps on antm every week. I may not comment every time but I do definitely read it every week since I discovered it at the beginning of the season.

    My thoughts: I was still kinda angry at Laura for distracting Leila in the previous episode and as such playing a part in her elimination but BY GOD I cannot deny how fabulous her picture was. Definitely the best photo of the cycle. Dare I say she's now in my top two, only second to Victoria who I'm afraid may be moving in a downward trajectory.

    1. Thank you for reading my recaps!! I think Laura is the most modelesque out of the remaining girls but Leila is going to be fierce competition if she manages to come back!

      I love Victoria but her photos arent reflecting too well


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