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America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 5 Recap

So Laura gets best call out last week and decides to pick Kristin for the Tyra Suite instead of Leila who picked her a few weeks back. Tyra brings Alicia Keys to the house to tell the girls they will be participating in a charity fashion show for her charity 'Keep a Child Alive'. 

The girls do a very silly and time-wasting impromptu runway practice themed on Alicia's songs -lame... and then Tyra reveals that the girls will need to be in charge of their own hair and make up as well as styling. Since Laura got the first call out, she will be in charge and has control over these things. The clothes they wear will be on auction and the girl who raises the most money wins the challenge (basically, whoever gets assigned the nicest outfit wins- their runway walk will do only ever so much...)

The winner gets to pick a friend and go to Alicia's concert for her new album 'Girl on Fire', which is also the theme of the charity fashion show... umm... riding 'The Hunger Games' wave much?

Laura struggles to delegate and come up with anything solid and when quizzed by Kelly backstage, looked totally flustered. Anyway, the results weren't anything that amazing and I thought the theme was not at all evident in the hair, make up or styling. Only the glitter on the stage had any ounce of being on fire.

The walks were ok... I liked Brittany but everyone else was just a bit blah. Victoria, Laura and Kiara were the three girls that apparently stood out, but the winner is Kiara, who picks Nastasia (who looks great in her outfit btw).

The challenge scores are:

The girls return to the house and the drama between Leila and Laura continues in a semi confrontation in which both girls end up crying so I don't even know what it was... it wasn't a fight it was just some girl emotional outbreak.

For the girls' photoshoot this week, they're gonna be cheerleaders thrown into the air by topless male models.

Yvonne had trouble being caught by the models but she looked good in the air. Alyssa, with her low challenge score is relying on a good photo to stay and even hit one of the models on the head as she landed, drawing blood.

Laura, who is afraid of heights, is getting the eliminated girl edit (so much screen time- NOOO!!) and again talks about her being afraid if she can pull it off. Nastasia looked great, Kristin did well and Victoria got some good feedback. 

At panel, Victoria gets a good photo, Leila's body is great but her face and neck are horrible. I didn't like Kiara's photo and Kelly gave her some bad comments but yet gave her a score of 8 (favouritism much?) and she got an overall score of (8,8,7).

Kelly and Rob raged over Kristin but Tyra doesn't see a model. I liked her photo, especially her face but her body isn't that great. She got a score of (10, 9, 6). Brittany's shot was horrible and gets a (6,6,6). 

Nastasia's shot is really cool, fearless. She got an (8, 9, 10). I actually think Yvonne's photo looks amazing, probably one of my favourites this week!

Laura's photo was OK, a similar pose to Nastasia, but more broken but with a messy face. The judges ate it up though and she got a (9,9,6).

In the end, the girl with the highest score and the best call out this week is...

Nastasia, followed by Laura and Kristin. In the bottom two are Brittany and Leila (WHAT???) I did not expect this AT ALL. I thought Alyssa was gonna go home... urghh... Out of the two I like Brittany more but Leila has more model potential. Who stays?? BRITTANY!! YESSS so she only had 0.5 more than Leila, but I'm glad she stayed. Leila definitely did NOT have the worst picture but seemed really immature this episode with her comments.

Here are the final scores:

So... my top three:
1. Victoria
2. Brittany
3. Laura

Next week the girls will be doing a pretty cool challenge, emulating some sort of video game fight sequence as well as doing a steam punk photo shoot- definitely excited for that! I remember Leila taking a kickass shot next week so we'll see- she'll probably be the one that comes back!

Also funny is the faces of the eliminated girls when they see Leila:

Here are the eliminated girls' shots this week:

I thought they were pretty awful and awkward... 

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