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America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 2 Recap

So the girls moved into their sorority house and Tyra pays them a visit to reveal some new changes as follows:

- Each girl will be graded at the challenge
- The girl with best photo gets to pick a friend and spend it in the 'Tyra Suite' decked out with clothes/cosmetics
- The girl who wins each challenge gets a $10,000 deposit into their bank account but only the winner can cash out.

Rob Evans takes the girls to Hollywood for their first challenge where they walk/dance along a runway at a club... which is pretty lame, and like last week's runway, not at all serious. The girls' walks were terrible- and Destiny correctly says: "anyway we spin it, we're gonna look like a hoe". 

That hoop thing in the middle wasn't used at all, except by Brittany and Victoria (I love how she enfused fashion into her walk). Whilst not quite the Alexandra Pendulum disaster of Cycle 14, the highlight of the challenge was Leila being smacked in the face by the hoop.

In the end, the winner of the challenge is Yvonne. Victoria is bummed out and rightfully claims that the prize should've been hers. The girls' challenge scores are:

Destiny asks why she got such a low score and Kiara/Alyssa(can't remember which is which?) says she might have walked too sexy... like a stripper. Obviously, Destiny is going to talk to the other girls about it and when Kiara/Alyssa comes out for a confrontation- HELLO IT IS ANGELEA. Like noone can deny that this girl is Angelea reincarnated. Smh.

For their first photoshoot, the girls will be portraying an animal head, a simple, beauty shot with an animalistic twist. Of course, for those of you that followed the voting before, you would've seen the girls also film a short plea video. 

Victoria and Nastasia looked stunning and delivered, but Jessie really struggled. Kirstin/Kristin gave attitude. Maria also struggled and her being from Harvard is obviously pulling her back. 

At panel, the girls will get their critique from the judges before Bryanboy announces some fan comments and scores. Kiara has the worst fan score. Maria kept talking back at the judges and I think she will go home eventually for it- though she has great potential and is stunning!!

Jessie definitely had a bland photo but I hope she stays. Laura's photo is beautiful and she got a great score from the judges (8+9+8). Leila gets given a 10 all round, but I personally didn't find her photo the strongest.

Kristin is literally just pretty girl sticking her head through a hole but fans seem to love her and the judges gave her a high score... what? 

Victoria had a strong high fashion shot, but the judges didn't really like it. Nastasia had a quirky shot (I didn't remember this being the one the fans voted for but whatever) and Destiny was just bland... going home?

So there will be no deliberation, just some time for them to 'add up the total scores' and the girl with the weakest score goes home...

The girl with the best score (not best photo) is...

Leila, followed by Nastasia and Brittany. In the bottom two are Jessie and Destiny, and the girl with the lowest score is... JESSIE! 

NOoooo... well she 'goes home' but she secretly participates in the photoshoot with the other eliminated girls for a chance to come back if the fans like her photo. The girl with the highest social media score at the end of the six weeks will come back? 

I loved Jessie's face when Bryanboy told her the news.

Soo... what do I think of the first proper episode? I think the scoring system is pretty awesome and intense BUT BUT BUT it is way too easy to skew with it and the judges' fickle opinions and random scoring will screw some girls over badly. Girls, you better get on Kelly's good side. 

ALSO, the fans' vote is only based on the photo and not the girls' personality. They don't know what goes behind the scenes and also this is another factor which will unrightfully determine who stays and who goes. Had the public seen episode one and the photo before scoring, Jessie would definitely have stayed for personality. Similarly, had it been old school judges voting, I think Jessie also would've stayed. 

We'll see how this scoring fares in the future... but right now it seems pretty gimmicky.

Top Three:
1. Victoria
2. Nastasia
3. Laura/Brittany


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  2. I wanted Jessie to continue :( I liked her. The series only finished airing yesterday so now I can comment on the recaps. I hate that the public get to vote, they are by no means professionals who know anything about modelling so contestants got ahead simply by having more friends or people who liked their personality over their photos


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