Sunday, 5 August 2012

'The Bounty Hunter' Film Review

When you've run out of DVDs to watch over the long Summer holiday and all the films you want to see are still near full price on Amazon (I always wait for them to decrease to around a fiver- which they always do sooner or later), I was left wandering the cheaper aisles of the website in which I found this movie, which reduced my boredom by two hours.

Journalist Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston) is on the brink of uncovering a big story, but when she skips her court hearing for the scoop, she is wanted in jail. Bring on Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler), an ex-cop now bounty hunter who is hired to chase Nicole, who happens to be his ex-wife, down and bring her to prison.

Reluctant to let her ex capture her and more reluctant to let go of her story, the two go on a cat and mouse chase across the state, but little do they know, there are people chasing them too.

Masked as a rom-com, this film is actually a kind of action comedy/comedy thriller but it never quite hits any of those genres out of the park which makes this film super messy. The pacing was slow- it took over half an hour to finally get the chase started, but once it did, the comedy ensued.

For the most part, the film managed to make us laugh, mainly by the persistent Nicole, who makes all attempts in order to escape. Milo on the other hand just seems like a complete douche bag for 80% of the movie. The scene in which she pretends to seduce Milo in order to reach for his gun, followed by her electrocuting him with a taser she snuck in her dress was hilarious.

Unfortunately, the comedic antics of the two were spoiled by the side-action which included a murderous drug dealer related to Nicole's story chasing her down, whilst a loan shark bookie to which Milo owes $11k to is also on their tail.

It is understandable that the film is trying to be deeper, less shallow, but if they're going to go for something ambitious, at least make it good. All the side plots are neither here nor there and aren't closed properly at the end, leaving plot holes you don't even bother to investigate.

As the film reached it's peak and the two inevitably reconnect and predictably falls out again, the film actually takes a pretty exciting turn into thriller territory which was the highlight of the movie. Whilst the tension wasn't drawn out quite enough (due to the comedy taking a priority), I thought it was great.

The ending was typical, but sweet.

Jennifer Aniston- Nicole Hurley
Gerard Butler- Milo Boyd

Also stars Jason Sudeikis and Christine Baranski.

Jennifer Aniston plays the typical Jennifer Aniston role- same hairstyle, same woman, but in a different context. Here, she is a strong, clever and witty woman who gets her way (most of the time) and she is rather hilarious to watch. 

Gerard Butler on the other hand plays a rather annoying character and I thought he'd have a lot more grace in his vengefulness and hate after the divorce than the childish and immature things he does. But Milo does have a soft side.

In the few scenes she's in, Christine Baranski is hilarious.

'Bounty Hunter' is a messy rom-com/thriller/action which has its highlights, but never manages to WOW in any of those genres. With a good cast, this film will offer some mindless comedy, but don't think too much about it.

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