Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Trip to Paris

OK so two weeks ago I went to Paris for a few days, but due to starting work the day after I got back, hadn't been able to sort/load photos and write a blog about it so here is my delayed post! 

So, we basically visited all the major tourist attractions and museums (Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe...) but what I liked about this trip was the less so popular places and the hidden gems that they possessed. 

I climbed the Eiffel Tower for the first time (I've been to Paris before when I was younger but never ascended) and it is much taller than you think it is when you're at the top. Studying architecture and having learnt about it briefly with the Great Exhibition, you can appreciate the structure and the advance of material and technology. And also, when I was in the green space, it reminded me of that scene in Jane by Design when Jane goes to Paris :P hehehe

I've always wanted to see the 4D cube at La Defense (filming location for one of the Bourne films), but did not realise that the plaza contained many artworks, sculptures and architecture, so was pleasantly surprised when we finally got to go and spent around 30 minutes there when we only planned to stay for 5. 

Another delight is the Science museum in Parc de Villette (a sculpture park just on the edge of the city). The beautiful metallic mirror facade was so alluring especially at sunset when we went- I wish I could've stayed longer but we wanted to also go to another park... also, they had a public film screening (open air cinema) during the Summer, and the atmosphere was buzzing, a hip and youthful place to be.

Although we did ALOT of walking, it makes seeing the attractions just that more worthwhile and you know, you get to see more of Paris by walking and absorbing the atmosphere- plus it was a 'good' leg workout after sitting around at home for a month just watching movies and whatnot.

The food was as expected, ridiculously expensive and I found that it wasn't that great, but we probably picked too touristy restaurants and didn't really go for the local stuff... but I was happy with trying pate for the first time as well as going to the Parisian restaurant with great atmosphere which reminded me of the style seen in 'Midnight in Paris'. Also, the crepe I had was indulgent yet divine.

Overall, I had a great trip and it was fantastic to revisit Paris as I hadn't been in a long time- visiting locations from film and TV- and I managed to take some great photos around the city, which you can check out HERE. Also below is a rough guide of what we did in the few days we were there so you can use it if you decide to visit Paris!

Eiffel Tower
Jardins du Trocadero
La Grand Palais
Pont Alexandre III bridge
Les Invalides
Champs Elysee
Arc De Triomphe

Louvre Museum
Saint Chapelle
Notre Dame
Paris Palace of Justice
Pompidou Art Gallery
Arab Institute
Palais Opera

La Defense 
Sacre Coeur
Parc de Villettes
Louvre at Night


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