Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Jane by Design Season 1 Episode 18 (FINALE-The Bonus Cheque) Recap

The Season 1 finale of Jane by Design is here!!! Jane tries once again to convince Jeremy and he conveniently agrees to help her out- his designs for Harrod's were a hit but he refuses to return to Donovan Decker. 

Back in NY, Jane is congratulated by Gray and is given a bonus cheque of $5000. Jane discovers that the costumes she made were ruined during the mega-hit of a party she threw but missed and Amanda tells her the school has no funds to pay for the cost of repairs, Jane decides to donate her bonus to keep the play running.

Rita discovers that Jane has been home alone and offers to stay with her in order for Ben to keep playing baseball, but when he returns for a few days, he decides to stay and declares his love for Rita (ABOUT TIME)! 

Amanda delivers an invitation to Donovan Decker for the school play, after Jane tells her the donation was from him as she could not accept it otherwise from a minor.

With the help of Eli and Carter, Jane manages to finish repairing the costumes. Eli tells her that he slept with someone and also that she has barred him from getting to know him. He tells her that she should be with Billy, if he is the only one that knows the 'real Jane'.

Gray offers India position of head designer at Donovan Decker, which she accepts, on the condition that she can pick her team. She flies to London to invite Jeremy back to work with her. He declines and says he wants his own fashion line.

Harper tries to steal Zoe's spotlight by sabotaging her, but instead makes Nick fall and sprains his leg. I feel so sorry for Nick- broken arms, sprained legs... what next? Billy takes his place.

As Jane is about to tell Billy her feelings, he confesses that Zoe and him are serious. She refrains from telling him. She witnesses Billy and Zoe's on stage chemistry and looks to be extremely jealous.

In the audience, Gray and Eli watch the show- how they don't recognise Billy is beyond me. Eli notices the costumes. As the show finishes, Gray and Eli go backstage to discover Jane there. Nothing else is said.

Whilst quite a few plot lines got a happy ending, what was left hanging was the undeniable tension between Jane and Billy- I know a lot of you want them to be together and I know they probably will but I'm so glad they didn't. 

If there is a Season 2, they can definitely drag that on for longer, and I feel that they should be together in the series finale- if they get together too early, they either get an on-off relationship or a forever happy one which won't be very exciting if the show gets renewed for several more seasons. 

Even if there isn't a season 2, the show ended with a beautiful close and it is heavily hinted that the two share something special, even if they don't show it explicitly. But I sure hope we get more JBD in the fall or Spring.


  1. but what about gray found out jane , what happened next ? they can't just let this story hanging without knowing what happened between gray and jane . how she settles things up . am i right ?

    1. Unfortunately the show got cancelled and noone will know what happens after that confrontation!!! :( so sad


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