Saturday, 25 August 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 1 Recap

OK so as per recent cycles, the opening to cycle 19 is no different- Tyra puts herself and us in an awkward and uncomfortable position as she overacts the 'story' of how she came about the idea of this cycle... 2 minutes in and we're still talking about 'what's new' and of course, a million mentions of Tyra's Harvard business school degree and that 'we've seen it all before' photo of her.  Great self promotion Tyra.

When the action finally begins, we are treated the the girls going to a college party, the backdrop to their first runway show. For the first time in recent cycles, audition episode returns and 30 girls are battling it out for a spot in the house. As always Tyra enters and this time brings her 'NEW' judges Kelly Cutrone, Rob Evans as well as stylist Johnny Wujek, out to meet the girls.

The runway show was pretty lame and far too casual to even judge how well they walked. For some reason it feels like I've seen them all before- the looks, the type, their personality... and the interviews with the judges were also a bit boring- Tyra read out some of the Facebook comments and some of the girls gave rebuttals to the comments... meh. Leila reminds me of Chelsea (cycle 15). Kiara is like an Angelea 2.0-NOT here for this. 

So as you all know, the pictures of each week were posted online before the show aired for people to comment but what you didn't know was that the girls has access to what you all said about them! WOW- I predict many upcoming breakdowns...

The prizes this cycle are quite lame too. The girls are competing for a $100,000 cash prize, a contract with LA Models (not IMG), a spread in Nylon, campaign with Ninewest and Smashbox cosmetics and to be the new face of Dream Come True. 

Most of the girls are very pretty and a few have good personalities and only one or two with attitudes... In the end, the 13 girls are: 

At the end credits, Tyra calls this the 'comeback series'. If so, why was it so utterly boring? Had they made this a 2 hr premiere with the first proper ep included, it may have been more intriguing, but right now, I don't care for any of the girls and just feel null towards them...

However, I do feel a few of them has potential and have picked tentatively the following for my top three:

Be back next week for a much juicier recap, because this week's episode was just pure boredom.

UPDATE: As you may be aware, eliminated girls take part in following photoshoots with a chance to COME BACK if their photo received a high rating score (all votes have been received before show aired)... 

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