Friday, 6 July 2012

This Means War Film Review

'This Means War' was one of those films that I really looked forward to watching because I thought it had a great mix of action and comedy, and from the trailer, appeared to be stylishly funny, but did it live up to my expectations?

Having given up everything for a guy in the past, Lauren (Reese Witherspoon) is reluctant to get back into the dating world, so her friend sets up a profile for her on a dating site. After a great first date with Tuck (Tom Hardy), she meets FDR (Chris Pine) who is equally charming and cannot decide between the two. 

Little does she know, not only do they know each other, but are best friends. And are FBI agents. And will use all the resources they can to win her over. May the best man win.

The premise of the movie is simple and straightforward with the pacing slick and we are immediately plunged into the action. The dynamics between the two male leads are immediately set and with the introduction of Lauren into their lives, the pace heightens and the action increases.

At the heart of the film is comedy and whilst all the elements are there, at the core of this films demise is the horrendous script, filled with oversexualised jargon as if they needed to meet a quota. I actually found this unappealing and it turned me off. Whilst inevitably there is going to be sex, like many films today, it was overused.

As the plot progresses and the audience starts to question who she will pick, we inevitably have one that we'd want her to pick. Whilst the film tries to throw us off at every corner as to who she will choose, I thought it was immediately obvious who the 'better' man was. 

Just as the plot reached its climax and an uplifting action scene is thrown in our faces (with more firepower), our female lead goes and chooses the 'other' guy, which did annoy me slightly, but then predictably, everyone gets their happy ending.


Reese Witherspoon- Lauren
Tom Hardy- Tuck

Chris Pine- FDR

The lovable Reese Witherspoon is the ultimate choice for this type of movie- she has definitely held her ground in this genre and I felt she was definitely likeable, but again due to bad scripting, her character was truly bipolar and flawed. 

Neither Tom Hardy nor Chris Pine are comedic actors and I felt Chris Pine was like fish out of water. Tom Hardy manages to hold his own but was definitely more serious than he needed to be. 

In terms of chemistry, it was completely forced between both pairings and I felt there was most believable chemistry between Witherspoon and Warren Christie, who plays her ex. LOL


From the trailer, 'This Means War' looks like a stylish action comedy with a great cast, but the result is lacklustre and cheapened by the trashy script. The decisions the characters made were flawed and the execution of the whole idea went rather pear-shaped. However, there is good firepower and adequate action for guys to sit through. If only they spent more money on a writer, this could have been as thrilling and hilarious as 'Knight and Day'.

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