Sunday, 22 July 2012

Roxanne Emery 'Live in London' EP Album Review

After seeing Roxanne Emery live in April, I was excited when she announced she would be releasing a live EP, knowing how spectacular her voice is live.

1. Tug of War
2. Cold Heart
3. Pick The Rose
4. Always On My Mind
5. One Thing Remains

Featuring two songs from her new EP 'Turn Back', two covers and the iconic 'Cold Heart', the album is extremely varied and the song choices were great. Although I would've loved for her to have included 'Build a Home', I'm expecting this to be on the upcoming album. :)

'Cold Heart' and 'Pick the Rose' are delightful live, the emotion is present and genuine. The highlight for me is definitely 'One Thing Remains', which has been a favourite of mine for a while and to hear Roxanne cover it was sheer perfection!

Thanks Roxanne for continually releasing new music and I cannot wait for the album and the next concert!

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