Thursday, 12 July 2012

Memento Film Review

I don't know why I've been putting off seeing this for such a long time. From the director of 'Inception' and the upcoming 'The Dark Knight Rises', 'Memento' was his first critically acclaimed movie.

Starring Guy Pearce as Leonard, a man on the hunt after the person who brutally murdered and raped his wife. Having lost his short term memory after the incident, Leonard must piece together the clues using photographs, notes and by tattooing them on his body.

Revealed to the audience in reverse, the movie is brilliantly tense and deceptive. At first, you are left confused and trying to piece together the parts of the puzzle yourself, but as the film progresses, the pace heightens and you begin to grasp the plot and begin asking questions yourself, as if the film was a mystery in itself.

The complex character of Leonard aids to the beauty of the film. Due to his condition and shot mostly from his perspective, you start to question the other characters' motives and how they change as the film progresses. Is his 'friend' Teddy really his friend? Is Natalie manipulating him or is she to be trusted? 

As the film reaches its climax, I was left utterly shocked at the twist and reveal. It was beautiful. It wasn't forced, it was natural and blew my mind. Whilst not all the questions were answered, those aren't of importance and it was such a compelling ending that it makes you want to watch it all over again, forwards AND backwards. Even though this film recalls events in a backwards order, I would love to watch it in reverse and just see the events unfold in the other direction. 

Overall, Memento is a beautiful film and reveals key themes and interests of the brilliant Nolan, as seen in his more recent films. This is one of those classics that can be watched again and again and would never cease to shock those seeing it for the first time. This is absolutely brilliant and has become one of my favourite movies, both in terms of story, direction and artistry.

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