Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 17 (The Sleepover) Recap

Home alone, Jane and Billy decide to throw a party, but when they hear Harper's also throwing a party, it looks like it will flop. Zoe is upset with Billy for sleeping over at Jane's for the past week and bans him from doing so anymore.

Billy tries to make things right by allowing Nick to rejoin the school play but Zoe sees through his ploy. After announcing that no parents will be at the party, everyone decides to go to Jane's. 

At work, the Harrod's deadline is fast approaching and without Jeremy's designs, the collaboration will fail. Jeremy calls Jane from London to apologise but nothing more. After telling Gray, she is assigned to fly to London to convince him.

Eli asks Jane out again but Jane is hesitant with mixing her personal life with her work life. She misses her party to pack and fly to London. Eli and India have a heart to heart.

Jane and Billy's party rocks but Jane has to miss it. Billy tells Zoe that he wants to be with her. 

In London, Jane finds Jeremy but does not manage to convince him to hand over the designs.

Morning comes and Eli and India have slept together. WHAT THE . PFFFT. OK Jane and Eli have no chance. Jumping back onto the Jane/Nick ship.

Ms Shaw pops over to Jane's and discovers the truth about Jane being home along.

Next week is the season finale and I wonder what will happen. I love that Jane is in London but I hope viewers realise there is no service on the underground. LOL. EEEK! 1 more ep!

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