Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Jane by Design Season 1 Episode 16 (The Backup Dress) Recap

At work, Jane is assigned with the important mission of looking after a dress for Nina Garcia which will be picked up the next day.

Eli finally asks Jane out on their first date and Jane finally gets to wear the dress she's been working on for months. Taking it to school with her so she can change before their date, it predictably goes missing as she's working with her mother making costumes for the school play; it gets mistaken for Cinderella's dress. 

Billy gets jealous of Nick and Zoe's onstage chemistry. Ben finally gets his second chance and gets given a spot for tryouts. 

With no dress to go on her date with, Jane is tempted to wear 'The Backup Dress', a double which was made for Nina in case anything went wrong. Little did she know, Nina arrives at the same restaurant wearing the same dress!

Rita backs out of the competition to win Ben back and Amanda is ecstatic, but when her advances are turned down by Ben and due to financial cuts, her job is on the line, she appeals to Rita as she is on the finance board. 

Whilst trying to make a quick escape, Jane knocks wine onto Nina's dress and she flees into the bathroom. Nina requests the backup dress and Jane thankfully was close by to rescue Nina, and herself, wearing a custom made tablecloth back out.

Billy sees Nick and Zoe rehearse lines and gets mistaken for them being with each other and accuses Zoe of cheating, which hurts her. Nick decides to quit the play.

Jane's mother has been avoiding the question and is pushed by Dakota to give him an answer. Kate decides to leave and commit to the relationship, so that it would make her a better mother, and promises not to disappear again.

Ben returns home to Jane with great news and leaves immediately for the Minor leagues, not knowing their mother has left. Jane does not tell him. Rita meets Ben at the coach stop but does not profess her love for him. AWWWW!!! NOO!!

Jane gets the house all to herself--- and next week will be hosting a HOUSE PARTY!!!! 

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