Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 15 (The Online Date) Recap

With news that Beau is engaged, Jane's mum sets up a dating profile for Gray. Upon bumping into Tamara, Gray's job is on the line and India uses this to lure the two together again through the dating website by inviting Tamara and posting a hit on Gray's page.

At school, Amanda's play is casting and Zoe auditions for the lead role. Rita tries to compete with Amanda by dressing up- she looked stunning imo- but ultimately loses out. Jane tells her to be herself but Lulu tells her she needs to step up her game.

Zoe invites Billy to meet her parents which he is nervous about because he isn't good with parents. Jane is obviously jealous and still may have feelings for him. As the two discuss this, Jane is told about the mishap with Tamara and has to stop Gray going to meet up with Tamara. However, Billy has to get to Zoe's in time and they can only do one or the other.

Zoe and Nick are cast in the school play's lead roles- wow - and can potentially cause another romantic tussle between everyone. 

Amanda and Ben bump into Rita and Rita plays dirty by spiking her drink but only for Amanda to one up her with her acting skills. Rita leaves embarrassed. 

Jane decides to take Billy and risk her job to get him to Zoe's. Billy meets Zoe's parents and discovers she has two dads. Gray did not end up going to meet her date as she feels it was too soon after a chat with Eli. 

Jane's Mum's ex comes back and proposes to her. WOW so this is how she's likely leave the story arc... but hope she returns soon!! SEASON 2 please!

I'm quite excited for this school play tension coinciding with the Amanda/Rita fight but really wish they'd make Rita win a bit more lol! And Ben is a bit stupid it is clear he still likes Rita. 

I still have hope for Jane and Nick to get back together!! EEK!



  1. I don't Jane and Nick should get 2gether I think Jane and Billy should be 2gether because they obviously care about and like each other + Billy said, "It's You" indicating he likes her more than a friend and Nick kissed lulu so Jane and Billy are perfect for each other

    1. Haha! A lot of people want Billy and Jane to get together and I think they will when this show finishes, but right now, she has sooooo much to choose from: Jeremy, Eli, Billy, Nick. . . and I personally think Nick is her best match :D

      We'll see what happens!!


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