Sunday, 1 July 2012

Comprehensive Design Project: Songwriters/Musicians Cafe

With a high level of pre-existing social activity on the top of the downs, my design not only needed to respond to the contoured landscape, taking advantage of the views, but also to compliment and encourage interactions, with music as a catalyst.
Featuring a range of private a public spaces, musicians can practice individually or with a group, whilst a formal internal performance space allows for music cafes and intimate gigs. An open and informal cafe space on the first floor also provides space for performance, generating music which resounds within the building.

The dynamic roof structure aims to reverberate sounds and boost acoustic quality. Supported by a steel frame, with timber panelling and clad in zinc, the combination of materials and calculated glazing produce aesthetic jewel like qualities externally and playful day lit atmosphere internally.
Seeking to be sculptural and alluring, the forms derive from a design generator of 'musical explosion'. An aim of my scheme is to aid musicians in gaining confidence and providing a platform for them to share their music, the architecture enhancing both the musicians and the audience's experience.  



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