Saturday, 2 June 2012

'Snow White and the Huntsman' Film Review

From the producers of 'Alice in Wonderland', comes another fairy tale modernisation, this time in the form of Snow White. The similarities between the two films are immediately obvious but that is a good thing as this film is also truly beautiful.

After her mother died, Snow White's (Kristen Stewart) father, the King remarried Ravenna (Charlize Theron) who charmed him with her beauty. Upon killing him, she takes her place as the evil Queen of the land, trapping the young Snow White within her castle.

When Snow White escapes into the Great Forest, Ravenna makes a deal with a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to find Snow White. But when Ravenna breaks her promise, The Huntsman turns and aids Snow White in defeating the evil Queen.

The first thing to notice is just how beautiful and dramatic the setting is. Much like 'Alice in Wonderland', the imaginative set, creatures and fantasy world is provocative and mesmerising. I thought the sanctuary was very Avatar-esque but stunning. 

At two hours long, the build up was slow but did not bore. Whilst some of the scenes seem to drag out, it did add a bit more depth to the characters and I felt the ending was compromised because of this. The final scenes felt rushed and unsatisfying. What should've been a climatic final battle turned into a puny cat fight between Snow White and the evil Queen.

And whilst you'd expect some sort of catharsis to finish the movie off, it was stale and the romantic potential built up in the film was lost as the final credits began to roll- leaving you incomplete.

Kristen Stewart- Snow White
Chris Hemsworth- The Huntsman
Charlize Theron- Ravenna, the evil Queen

Charlize Theron was flawless and was utterly genuine to watch as the evil queen. You just love to hate her and she looked absolutely fantastic in all her different outfits and stylings. 

Kristen Stewart, however, was a bit dead in terms of expression. The most range she gave was when she managed to squeeze a tiny tiny smile at the edge of her mouth. For 99% of the movie she just looked lost, confused and dead in the eyes. I've never seen her in any movies and I didn't want to watch this movie with bias on her acting ability, but she definitely lived up to her reputation.

Chris Hemsworth was raw as the huntsman and having just seen The Avengers, I felt like he had the same feeling- hopefully he doesn't get role-stuck as these strong masculine characters that are all the same! I felt he could have had more emotion.

Visually, 'Snow White and the Huntsman' is pure bliss for the eyes, but a disproportionate plot and dragged out pace hindered the movie from being the best it could be. Charlize Theron was stunning in this movie, but was let down by an emotionless Kristen Stewart. Overall,  it is a strong film but lacks a climatic ending to really conclude the dramatic tale with a BANG.


  1. A surprisingly compelling action/fantasy film, with a consistent pace, effective atmosphere and commanding visuals galore.


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