Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Owl City 'Ocean Eyes' Deluxe Edition Album Review

Making my way through the past Owl City records before the new album 'The Midsummer Station' comes out, I'm listening to 'Ocean Eyes' right now. 

What I love about the album covers is that it reflects a lot about the themes involved within the album and so do the song tracks. The album opens with a catchy and imaginative track 'Cave In' with intriguing lyrics 'every mushroom cloud has a silver lining' and 'wind and the rain smell of oil and octane mixed with stale gasoline'... you would not find this imagery elsewhere!
Despite being a rather short track, 'Hello Seattle' leaves you wanting so much more with an explosive 'chorus?' at the end. 'Umbrella Beach', 'The Saltwater Room' and 'Dental Care' all offered similar quirky sounds and lyrics. 

'Meteor Shower' offered a breakout space with a slower song with a great buildup, but again is unfortunately short. Following this are two superb tracks, 'On the Wing' and 'Fireflies', the latter of which got me into Owl City in the first place. With addictive hooks and again delirious lyrics, the album has reached a peak here.

'Ocean Eyes' wind down with average tracks. I wished 'Vanilla Twilight' had closed the album as it was just a slightly stronger and more emotional track. I don't like saying this but 'Tidal Wave' started to annoy me.

With regards to the deluxe tracks, the standouts are probably 'Butterfly Wings' and 'If My Heart was a House', both beautiful and emotional songs and I just love the latter and wished it was on the main album. The others I could do without, especially 'Rugs from Me To You' which was completely humourous and laughable but I applaud Adam Young for being able to write this at all!

1. Cave In 4/5
2. The Bird and the Worm 3/5
3. Hello Seattle 4/5
4. Umbrella Beach 4/5
5. The Saltwater Room* 4/5
6. Dental Care 3.5/5
7. Meteor Shower 4.5/5
8. On the Wing* 5/5
9. Fireflies 4.5/5
10. The Tip of the Iceberg 3/5
11. Vanilla Twilight 4/5
12. Tidal Wave 3/5

*rereleased from previous album 'Maybe I'm Dreaming'

13. Hot Air Balloon 3/5
14. Butterfly Wings 4/5
15. Rugs from Me To You 2.5/5
16. Sunburn 3/5
17. Hello Seattle (Remix) 3/5
18. If My Heart Was a House 5/5
19. Strawberry Avalanche
20. Fireflies (Remix)

TRACKS TO LOVE: Meteor Shower, On the Wing, Fireflies, If My Heart was a House
TRACKS TO SKIP: Rugs from me to You

Overall, the album is strong with a few standout tracks. A few songs do begin to mash and feel a bit 'samey' but there is enough variation to lift them. Again, the songs are beautifully written with imaginative lyrics and this is certainly an album to check out!

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