Thursday, 28 June 2012

Organic Memory of the Future by J D Doria

Israeli artist J D Doria creates fantastic images which explore a futuristic approach through organic and human forms.

"Through this body of works I stumbled upon a new creative state, in which, as an artist, I am progressively ‘knowmading’ between languages, mediums and technologies; between matter and information, between my hands and technology.

I began with a series of small works on paper searching for the painting mode in which metamorphose entices intimacy. I found it in the organic chemistry between color and matter.

And though the labor of painting had a point of end, the creative process endures, and expands through high-resolution technologies of scanning, magnifying and digital printing.

With these technologies I explored the transmigration of the alien unto the intimate, looking for the frequency and forms that turn the unknown of the future to an organ of humanness. I delved into it till the emerging images coagulated into a new ‘biosphere’, an organic memory of the future." Doria

The work is truly beautiful and intricate; the shapes and colours that are produced form a wondrous composition 

Check out more images below:


Thank you very much to the artist. Images via J D Doria

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