Tuesday, 12 June 2012

'The Next Three Days' Film Review

Thinking this would be a tense thriller from the synopsis, I decided to give this a go despite not really knowing what it was about and having not seen the trailer, I was a bit disappointed.

Upon being accused for murder of her boss, Lara Brennan (Elizabeth Banks) is sent to jail, breaking up her perfect family. With all the evidence pointing to her committing the crime, her husband John (Russell Crowe) still believes in her innocence and fights to have her released.

But when all things fail, he decides to break her out of jail in order to reunite their family and takes justice into his own hands, with life changing consequences.

I thought the setup to the plot was pretty quick and the pace was great but did not realise how much the film then dragged on. I knew he would break her out of jail but did not realise it took the whole film to do so. Whilst a select few scenes in the first half could be argued 'tense' or 'thrilling', the latter half definitely picked up in terms of pace and action.

The slow beginning definitely bored me and it was more of an exploration of John's psyche than anything else, making it more of a drama than a thriller. However, I do like that you don't know whether or not Lara did commit the murder, and this uncertainty was perhaps what kept me watching the movie.

As the film picks up towards the climax and the jailbreak finally occurs, it is all out tension and action and I was at the edge of my seat. The unpredictable nature of their future was exciting and it kept you guessing right till the end. 

Though the final scenes did pose a bit of a question which I kind of liked- there was an artistic quality to it and the bookend to the beginning was nice. Had the screen time been reduced and a focus more on the action aspect, this film would've been spectacular.

Russell Crowe- John Brennan
Elizabeth Banks- Lara Brennan

Also stars Liam Neeson and Olivia Wilde.

Russell Crowe does a good job and his emotion did show to be genuine and there is something relatable about his non-macho-ness. Unlike 'Jason Statham movies', you don't know if he will succeed and makes the movie all the more exciting.

Elizabeth Banks wasn't really a standout and had I not seen 'The Hunger Games' where she shines as Effie, I would not have paid any attention to her whatsoever. 

Cameos Liam Neeson and Olivia Wilde add star quality to the movie, but they could've been played by anyone.

'The Next Three Days' is a mediocre thriller but an action-packed drama more accurately describes the first half. The slow pace and dragged out execution of the jailbreak pulls it down, whilst the believable characters and the high octane climax lifts it out of total boredom. Yes it was worth the wait, but it was a wait I shouldn't have had to undergo.

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