Sunday, 10 June 2012

'Life As We Know It' Film Review

I'm not usually one to buy into Rom coms if there are no actors I particularly like in it, but after hearing some good reviews of this movie, I thought I'd give it a go.

Set up by their best friends, Holly (Katherine Heigl) and Messer (Josh Duhamel) have a horrible first date- they didn't even make it to the restaurant! Several years later when their best friends die in a tragic car accident, the two are left with their friends' one year old daughter Sophie.

When trying to find a replacement, Holly and Messer soon realise that they are perhaps the best people to look after Sophie and unwillingly fulfil their friends' wishes with hilarious results.

The film is paced nicely with the changing seasons marking a dramatic change in their life/feelings etc and I found this a highlight of the movie. Whilst themes of sex are naturally inevitable in a film likmore this, I felt a few of the references were a bit forced just to get it to be a bit more 'daring' or whatever to please the demographic audience. 

The fights, arguments and personal desires of the two leads feel quite real and the struggles they face are relatable which perhaps make this film slightly stronger than some of the materialistic and glamorously fluffy counterparts.

Though predictable, the film is heartwarming and the formulaic ending is none the less sweet. One of the better rom coms of late.

Katherine Heigl- Holly Berenson
Josh Duhamel- Eric Messer

Also stars Josh Lucas and Christina Hendicks

Katherine Heigl is a natural comedic actress and plays her slightly bossy/sweet/neurotic character well, whilst Josh Duhamel provides flashes of flesh for the female audience and surprisingly fills the shoes of the rom com role. Neither really shine but are likeable at the very least.

'Life As We Know It' is a likeable and heartwarming rom com exploring life and struggles and romance. The two leads do a good job, though some of the references are a bit forced and the ending is totally predictable and formulaic. For rom-com fans, this is a must see. For everyone else, it's hit or miss.

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