Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Jane by Design Season 1 Episode 14 (The Second Chance) Recap

Since Jane's mum Kate is back, she has been trying to make amends to Ben and Jane. At work, Jane forces Jeremy to tell Gray or she will, and he flees with all of their designs for the Harrods collection.

Jane asks India for her help to recreate the designs and they work together well as a team. 

I love India and I like that she is smiling for once and a part of me hopes she will be the good guy because she is a bit flawed as the bad guy- her motives aren't strong enough. But I just love watching her.

At school, Amanda takes up the role of the new drama teacher which increases tension between Rita and Ben and another love triangle forms. Amanda has no boundaries as she tries to seduce Ben but he is not sure he is over Rita yet. Rita decides to fight for Ben. I actually quite like this cattiness between Amanda and Rita. #TEAMRITA!

When Jane points out that Zoe's bracelet costs a lot of money, Billy gets suspicious and discovers that she is actually rich. She confesses to him and that she likes him. They kiss. YES I totally ship them. YES!!

At the Harrods preview party, Donovan Decker's line is much appreciated. Jane decides to tell Gray the truth. Kate tells Jane and Ben that it doesn't matter why she left, but more importantly why she is back and that she wants to get to know them.

Nick tears his ligament and might not be able to play baseball again D: I ship Nick with Jane- BACK OFF ELI.

So has Jeremy fleed for good, or will he return next episode to face Gray's wrath. When WILL Kate leave again and how? Given she only has a four episode arc. Will India be nicer to Jane after their friendly working together?

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