Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 13 (The Surprise) Recap

It's Jane's birthday and Ben plans a surprise party for her but pretends he forgot, as does Billy who lies about her present, saying it's for his new friend Zoe. At work, Jane suspects she is getting fired as Birdie presents her file to Gray, telling her Jane has been lying about something.

India pressures Jeremy into helping her and continues to blackmail him. Eli takes Jane out and when she returns everyone jumps out to surprise her! Gray confronts Jane about lying about her age of 23 and saying that her drivers license says 25. Phew!

Eli confesses to Jane that he wants to go out with her again. Jeremy gets drunk and starts blabbing about India and she locks him in a closet. Jane finds him and he tells her that he was the mole. Ben finds her at work and takes her to her surprise party and Jane's mother (Teri Hatcher) greets her! I can't wait for next week's ep. Ahhh Jane's mom!! :D

On the aside, a scout came to watch Nick pitch, but he hurts his arm. He also breaks up with Lulu. Lulu gets jealous of Billy and Zoe and makes a scene at the party. Billy yells Zoe that Lulu and him are in two worlds and can never be together. Zoe predictably is actually rich but I really like her so hopefully they will end up together!

Now what really bugs me is Ben and Rita. So they seem to be on good terms and then at the party, this ridiculous blonde girl from their high school comes and Ben is all up in her biz... causing Rita to be uncomfortable. I see a bit of competition here for Rita but really, like they WILL be together eventually! WELP!

So this episode has actually been quite delightful to watch and has opened the show up to a lot more possibilities in terms of relationships and so on. Will Jane tell Gray about Jeremy? How will she handle her mother? And will that blonde girl stay to ruin Ben and Rita's relationship?

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