Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Jane by Design Season 1 Episode 12 (The Celebrity) Recap

With India's return as Harrod's style director (is that her job title?) and Donovan Decker's upcoming collaboration with the brand, the team are put under immense pressure to please India, who does not hold back on her critique. 

Despite India sabotaging their latest designs for Aiden Redmond, a celebrity face for the brand, Eli saves the day with one of his 'side projects', impressing Aiden and Jane. As they go out to celebrate, Jane is snapped by the paparazzi with Aiden and gets swept up in the world of celebrity. LOL at the Scarlett reference :P

As Ben and Rita celebrate their 8 week anniversary, Ben is over the top and sends Rita flowers and sweets and bears and a big gorilla, which not only embarasses her but overwhelms her. 

Billy feels left out of Jane's 'celebrity-dom' at school after her night out and has an outburst in class. He meets Zoe in detention and the two instantly share a connection. I think she is uber likeable and would totally ship the pair. 

Jane attends a party with Aiden and Eli but realises the celebrity isn't for her and that she really should be at the graveyard movie showing with Billy which they go to every year together. As the arrives, she sees Billy with Zoe and does not interrupt.

Rita tells Ben she is overwhelmed and that she wants to slow things down but Ben insists he doesn't want to slow down and the two 'take a break'. OMG it's one of those relationships. I felt that Ben's reaction was forced and seriously if he cares so much for Rita he would be able to 'slow it down' just a bit. I think they will ultimately get back together (or atleast I hope so) it's just that the show needs to put them on the rocks to make it more interesting LOL.

Gray manipulates Jeremy into keeping India close via their past history, but India turns on him and asks him to help her take Gray and Jane down for good in order for them to take over Donovan Decker together. She blackmails him with the fact that she knows he was the one who betrayed DD and got her fired. OUCH.

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