Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 11 (The Replacement) Recap

Jane By Design is BACK! Read up on what has happened so far HERE.

Billy leaves the detention centre for juveniles and Jane picks him up, not sure of his meaning of 'it's you' last episode. He does not reveal his true feelings to her. 

Jane is slipping at school with her grades and Rita is concerned; she promises to improve, but with India gone at Donovan Decker, she is under greater demand and is even under contention for India's position. 

Nick and Lulu are the hot couple of the school now, but Lulu still has feelings for Billy and Nick can't help himself but keep apologising to Jane- seriously these two need to just not be together- if it was a mistake then why are you together. BIG NO.

The episode was surprisingly lacklustre but with the introduction of Gray's nephew, Eli, who is not as good looking as they make him out to be and also in contention with India's job, could potentially be another love interest for Jane.

With Jane desperately needed at work, Billy and Ben are roped into covering for her yet again, but when Ben slips up, Rita is hot on his heels, racing to check up on Jane back at home who is supposedly ill with a cold... and cramps.

Despite ignoring Jane after a fight, Billy goes to rescue Jane and the highlight of the episode must be their narrow escape - in typical Jane style- quirky and fun. Though Jane loses out to Eli for India's job, she has a heart to heart with Billy and they both decide that staying best friends is the most important thing, though both of them probably has feelings for each other.

Back at Donovan Decker, the tension is on as they await the Harrods representative which turns out to be none other than India herself. YESSSS She is back! :D

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