Saturday, 2 June 2012

'Gone' Film Review

I was quite intrigued when I saw the trailer to this movie, but I must say, I was totally disappointed by the result! 

Kidnapped just a year ago, Jill (Amanda Seyfried) returns home to find her sister missing. Paranoid the killer is back, she runs to the police station but noone believes her. Equipped with a gun, she goes and hunts the killer herself. Sounds good, right?

Not quite.

Chasing down clues and stealing cars seem to be Jill's forte as she switches rides like half a dozen times and even manages to outrace several police cars and go by unnoticed. With each new clue, the killer becomes more obvious and at no point do you really question any one else. Whilst I did think the friendly cop (Wes Bentley) looked dodgily creepy, he was no more than a decoy.

The only thing going for this film was the potential twist that it was all in her head and they seemed to push this a lot throughout the movie that when the ending actually came and it was just a linear plot, I was left utterly disappointed and actually wanted her to have made everything up. There was quite a bit of tension in the final scene but the result of everything just seemed too 'easy'.

The film tried too hard to be stylish or push this heroine to be likeable that it was forced. The scripting was mildly funny but only if you like Amanda Seyfried. If not, you just find her character a bit childish, a bit annoying and at times stupid.

Amanda Seyfried- Jill

Also stars Sebastian Stan, Wes Bentley (recognisable from The Hunger Games) and Emily Wickersham.

'Gone' had a potentially good plot but the straightforward storyline and the lack of good twists left it utterly boring and failed to thrill one bit. Amanda Seyfried as the lead was bearable at best and you couldn't really take her seriously. The ending was only slightly tense and completely lacklustre. For a similar thriller with some actual substance, go see 'Salt' instead.

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