Monday, 4 June 2012

The Apprentice Season 8 Episode 12 (FINALE) Recap

OK So I had no idea that the finale airs on Sunday LOL and had the winner accidentally spoilt for me- oh well... but I'll recap this finale as best I can with that in mind :)

The final four: Nick, Jade, Ricky and Tom have two days to finalise and get to know their business plans:

Nick: one click online grocery shop based on recipes
Tom: Hedge fund for wine
Jade: Telemarketing call centre
Ricky: Sustainable recruitment centre? LOL

And they will be grilled by four leading business people whose names I've forgotten. I'll probably only highlight the most hilarious and critcal bits from the interviews:

-Tom has never had an interview before
-Jade's horrendous business plan = call centre cold calling- no costs, no cash flow= BYE BYE JADE
-Ricky calls himself 'Thor'
-Jade tries to hide her business A level failure
-Man tells Tom he can't raise the starting funds
-One of the interviewers points out that Jade does not own one of her websites- EMBARASSING

In the boardroom, these four people give Lord Sugar some feedback which is pretty much the same things that were raised in the interviews- with Tom and Ricky seemingly the two more convincing business plans and business people.

So who will be Lord Sugar's business partner?

With the four candidates in the boardroom, Jade is first to be fired for a disturbing businessplan, followed by Nick with his confusingly huge business model. So will it be Tom or Ricky?

In the end, Lord Sugar plays it safe and hires Ricky :D

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