Sunday, 13 May 2012

'Safe' Film Review

OK so we went to see 'Safe' for my friend's birthday and from the trailer it looked like a typical action film (Jason Statham ofc it is!) with a bit of a twist...

So Jason Statham plays a character called Luke Wright, who has angered the Russian mafia. They kill his wife and threaten him with killing everyone he comes in contact with. He also seemed to have upset the police and get beaten up by them. He despairs and is at the point of suicide.

Enter young Chinese girl Mei, walking along suspiciously down the station platform. She catches his eye. He stares at her, watches her, steps back from the platform edge and plonks himself down on the bench, confused. Well, that's not exactly how it happened, but why would a random Chinese girl stop him from suicide? AND I thought it was super uncomfortable when they walked into a hotel together and with her constant agonised expression, it just looked dodgy.

But anyway, he sees the Russian mafia looking for her, kills them and then decides to take it on himself to protect her and deal with everyone who is trying to look for her. Why? Because she can memorise long numbers and has the combination to a safe which is very valuable to the Russians, the Chinese and the corrupt NYPD. 

Note: this is the scummiest I've seen the police in a movie!! 

I didn't understand half the backstabbing/backstory that the film tried to relay, I went along with it. Jason Statham is heroic and obviously very stylish in action and his oneliners. I did feel some of the scenes were too 'flashy' and not quite clear enough though the bone breaking sound effects make up for the lack of visuals. 

The plot was only average as you find yourself questioning a lot of why events happened, what was the point of this and that- not helped by the constant introduction of new characters througout the movie who all seem to have ulterior motives. 

The climax was decent though the ending not so satisfying.

Overall, this film is another one of those action-packed movies which plot doesn't really matter. You watch it, go WOW and then it finishes and you can't explain to the person next to you what just happened. Still, Jason Statham is proving hot in this genre and for fans, this is a solid film. For those who want proper solid plot AND action, give this a miss.

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