Friday, 11 May 2012

Owl City 'Shooting Star' EP Album Review

Preceding the summer album release, Owl City is releasing a short EP titled 'Shooting Star' which will include four songs from the upcoming record.

1. Take It All Away 4/5
2. Shooting Star 5/5
3. Gold 4/5
4. Dementia ft. Mark Hoppus 5/5

Take It All Away is a different sounding track to what we've heard from Owl City before but is cohesive with the rest of this EP so it doesn't sound strange.

OK, the intro to gold reminds me of that fairground tune in 'Hanna' and I just can't stop thinking about that movie listening to this song- but it makes it better... it's super catchy!

Shooting Star is a more upbeat and radio friendly track which is going to be the lead single- I can envisage this being a massive hit and can't wait to hear it being blasted on the radio.

Dementia which was previously released a few weeks ago has such a killer hook that I am madly addicted to it and could happily listen to it for a lot longer before getting new tracks- but having heard these new releases- WOW I can't wait for the upcoming album #OCTMS.

Overall, from the 'Shooting Star' EP Owl City's sound has clearly developed- there is a more mainstream feel to the tracks but they retain Adam's trademark sounds. Whilst a few comments resound that they prefer his 'old stuff' I feel like this is a great direction as these tracks instantly grab you. 

The one thing I feel though is that these new tracks are lyrically less imaginative compared to 'All things bright and beautiful'. Hopefully, the rest of the tracks to the new album will have lots of interesting and evokative imagery.

The EP is officially out on Tuesday May 15th but you can listen to the tracks on Owl City's Soundcloud!


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  1. Hands down for Adam. I agree, that it has less of metaphors than what he used in his previous albums. But still, very great work.


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