Friday, 25 May 2012

Eurovision 2012 Second Semi Final

Sorry I couldn't be live blogging this but I have checked out the entries and here's what I thought!

1. Serbia
For some reason, this reminds me of our entry idk... seems like direct competition for us and I kind of like this more EEEK (don't kill me) OK it develops into a much more dramatic thing towards the end :3
2. FYR Macedonia
OK wow so I thought this was totally boring and then it definitely DID pick up! Not really sure I like this but the guitarist has style!
3. The Netherlands
I loved the fire pits in the first 3 secs into the performance then I saw that headdress-- hmm... and then the voice... Hmm noo... what's next?
4. Malta*
What should've been a super catchy song, there is something missing from this and the backing crowd effects are so lame. It's really not that bad I don't know why I seem to be sounding mean LOL I hope there are standout performances soon or I may get even meaner!

5. Belarus
THEIR MIC STANDS ARE SO COOL . lol just saying. BUT BUT BUT vocals are not doing it for me. Not even close compared to Switzerland (who sadly did not make it through) so I have little hope for this- it would be atrocious for it to!
6. Portugal
This is similar to that green dress wearing woman from Tuesday's semi 1 but this is more standard and not as emotive. She has a good voice but this is boring sorry.
7. Ukraine
When is is ok to wear cut up tissue? And this song. This voice. EEEEK OUCH. I'm kind of glad I'm watching this on catchup cos I can just skip it. DONE.
8. Bulgaria
ANOTHER ear piercing atrocity. NEXT.
9. Slovenia*
Compared to the acts so far, this is a beautiful relief. She has a beautiful voice and a simple performance, but may bore some people. AND her dress is gorg. LOL that back up singer looks evil!

10. Croatia
Oops did not pay attention to her singing been too busy staring the the strange dance moves and what those male dancers are wearing. And what are they doing with that white sheet hmm...
11. Sweden*
OK wow is this a martial arts vid or something? Is she promoting a new dance routine? Is this what we shud all be doing at the club? I don't even know but she has a great voice and a cool song.
12. Georgia
Umm wow... this is a mess through and through. You aren't a joker you're just a joke.
13. Turkey
LOL are they 'flying the flag'? those dance moves wat is this. he sounds a bit drunk as well.
14. Estonia*
Simple and great voice- and I want that waistcoat. OK he prob has the most powerful male voice in the competition :D GO ESTONIA!

15. Slovakia
I NEED AN EAR DOCTOR I think my drums just burst.
16. Norway
Umm I actually thought a woman would appear under that hood. SHOCKER. He has got moves- omg tooching his way through this performance. WOW.
17. Bosnia and Herzegovina*
Another simple vocal performance :D Beautiful !
18. Lithuania
Why is he wearing an eyeband? >< He has a good voice but deffo prefer Estonia.

*acts I like and want to see in the final!

OK well, this semi final was rather disappointing (I couldn't even pick 10 I want to go through LOL) compared to the first and had Switzerland been in this one, maybe they'd have gone through? I don't know... but I definitely enjoyed it more on Tuesday. But which acts will make it through to the final on Saturday?

I eat my words this semi final just got better. The winners of the past 5 years are performing on stage for the interval act? THAT IS AWESOME. OMG how did they get everyone back? that's huge- but surely wasted on those who don't watch the final? I hope Ell and Nikki don't perform- save their winning one for Saturday :W

Dima Bilan was a bit of a mess- Maria was great- OMG Alexander Rybak is amazing and Lena awwww this is so cool I actually love this performance- sooo awesome to bring them back. :D and then it turned into a bit of a mess when Ell and Nikki came out and started singing Waterloo LOL I'm just glad they're saving their winning song for Sat. HMM I think they should've saved this for the Final interval act- :W 

Anywayyyyss the finalists through are...

The acts that got through are:
1. Lithuania
2. Bosnia & Herzegovina
3. Serbia
4. Ukraine (WHAT HOW)
5. Sweden
6. FYR Macedonia
7. Norway
8. Estonia (YESYESYES)
9. Malta
10. Turkey

So 3/5 of the ones I like got through :/ At least Estonia got through :P OK I WILL be liveblogging on Saturday so check my blog when the show is on and follow me on Twitter for live tweets if you haven't already!

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