Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Eurovision 2012 First Semifinal

So it's that time of year again and I really should be doing my construction drawing (deadline tomorrow EEK) but I'm too loyal to the show and you guys! So here is what I think of the acts as they perform throughout the evening.

First thing, the stage looks quite phenomenal- with a fiery orange scheme and a fragmented jewel like stage- I love that prism the hosts are standing on :D

And the symbol this year looks A LOT like the Tangled flower !!

1. Montenegro
WHAT IS THIS. A trojan horse on stage cannot save this. AT ALL. No. I want this to be over now. Help my ears!

2. Iceland*
OK the Icelandic duet looks like hybrids of people that already exist. The man looks like a cross between David Beckham and that guy from Supernatural, whilst the woman looks like Christine Guldbrandsen. Either way, it's quite catchy and has a Christine Guldbrandsen vibe :)

3. Greece
WOW... clearly selling sex here with that gorgeous girl, the skimpy skirt and the lyrics... meh cheesiness is totally Eurovision and will probably make it through and do well :/

4. Latvia
LOL this is hilarious... it's again quite catchy but what is with the performance... >< pffft

5. Albania*
10/10 for erratic outfit choice :) She has a really powerful voice- but don't get the song... the piano backing is nice though :)

6. Romania
Her dress definitely matches the theme of the stage :/And that guy with the geek glasses and bagpipes is soo cool :D The fire effects and the screen effects looked amazing at the end.

7. Switzerland*
OK I love this- his voice is a tad annoying but this is a good song :D YAY GO SWITZERLAND GO! 

8. Belgium*
Another good song here- and Belgium are sending great acts to Eurovision recently! Unshamed plug here- previous Belgium entry Tom Dice just released his second album! :D And this girl is cool :)

9. Finland*
I don't understand a word she is saying but I feel like I kind of do just by her expressions and her actions. Simple but sweet :)

10. Israel
OK I knew the good songs had to end soon... and we're back to a cringey Eurovision typical act- with this horrendous thing- the drummer looks like Robert Downey Jnr :D and the pianist DOES LOOK STONED!
11. San Marino
Highly hyped- called 'The Social Network Song'... hmm... WOW. these lyrics what is this. wow. hope this goes to the final just for jokes. to be fair, kind of surprised songs about facebook hadn't made it to eurovision sooner!

12. Cyprus*
The stage looks beautiful! :D Catchy song- pretty Eurovisionish- can see it doing really well... la la la la la la love

13. Denmark*
Pretty cool song but what is that guy in the hoodie doing in the back- he looks so out of place and like he should be rapping somewhere in South London not on the stage of Eurovision! AND THEY GOT FLOATING LANTERNS IN THE BACK! WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?!

14. Russia
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.They are pretty cute though :) and I could do with a pastry right now :D

15. Hungary*
Sounds pretty good- lead singer looks like Will Young :p 

16. Austria
LOL Woki mit deim popo sounds so bad... like they're doing something with our poopoo >< and pole dancers LOL!?ok now it just sounds like they're f***ing with poopoo - I like the glowing strips on their costumes but they could've made it grander :/

17. Moldova
What is this music. It's just a mess Arghhh--- when is it over!! Another that hurts my ears. I really hope 'trumpet' isn't a euphemism.

18. Ireland*
OK HERE WE GO. Wow their costumes pretty cool- knights in shining armour? Will it be better than their entry last year? OK it is definitely a better song- cheesy but addictive :/ Their onstage water fountain is pretty cool! :D

*acts that I like and want to go through to the final

OK the interval showed the big 5 and their acts- really liking Italy, Germany and Azerbaijan :) Her dress looked amazing in that video- real 'GIRL ON FIRE'.

The 10 acts that made it are:

1. Romania
2. Moldova
3. Iceland
4. Hungary
5. Denmark
6. Albania
7. Cyprus
8. Greece
9. Russia
10. Ireland!

YAY I got 6/10 but where is SWITZERLAND!? :(

I will be liveblogging again on Saturday... sorry not in for Thursday's semi- seeing the Avengers AT LAST! But looking forward to catching up on it on Friday with a blog to come :) WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE?

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