Saturday, 26 May 2012

Eurovision 2012 Final

So it is time for the final and again I will be LIVE BLOGGING THIS TONIGHT at 8pm- so come back and REFRESH for updates!!!

So I haven't actually been that impressed with the semis so far- some standard eurovision trash, a few standouts that didn't make it through (switzerland from semi final 1) and the rare few that I like that actually make it. Hopefully, the big 5 will impress in tonight's final.

The highlight so far has been the return of the past five winners performing during the second semi final which was actually really cool and again, I have NO IDEA why they didn't save it for the final. But anyway, looking forward to Ell & Nikki's opening performance- hope they haven't lost their magic!

AND it was flawless!! I don't know why it was so short they only performed one verse and chorus :( BOO!

The Line up for tonight:
1. United Kingdom
I've not seen the performance yet so here we go! First up! And it kind of bored me... and his voice wasn't quite projected at the beginning- got better towards the end- liked the fireworks more than anything else :P

2. Hungary 
Liked this better than I did on Tuesday but still weak voice... but ok ish song. 

3. Albania
OK I can't get over her outfit/fashion.... that bun on her head, the braid on her chest- I don't get it at all... but her voice is super powerful - not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Did anyone else's windows break midway? lol jk.

4. Lithuania
Hmmm taking off that blindfold and doing hip thrusts won't make this anymore interesting. *yawn*
5. Bosnia and Herzogovina
Simple and beautiful performance, but not memorable.

6. Russia
OK they are cute but they aren't good vocally... esp with this modern ish song which just seems so wrong for them. They've already got the appeal if they did some folk song or something more their style it could probably be really quite something... idk it just feels like they've been taken advantage a bit  like someone brainwashed them and made them sing this song. >< just doesn't feel genuine. meh

7. Iceland*
I really do like them- a part of me feels like they're trying to copy last year's winning formula with a duet- but it's still beautiful :) And Greta looks like an older Christine Guldbrandsen it's true! And the guy looks like a cross between David Beckham and the guy from Supernatural :/

8. Cyprus
Super catchy song- could do well :) La la la la love! :D hehe

9. France
Not heard this before but doesn't stand out to me- those topless dancers may help this get a few more votes though :/
10. Italy
Looking forward to this. The preview sounded quite nice... we'll see. She certainly looks nice and has a strong song but isn't very Eurovision- I like it :D

11. Estonia*
OK I LOVE THIS SONG. :D Definitely rooting for this. Simple but beautiful LOVE IT!

12. Norway
OH it was penned by the same people as last year's 'POPULAR'. I THOUGHT it seemed very similar! This cannot compare at all. >< ewww. Bring back the ethereal blonde Norweigen women please.

13. Azerbaijan
Not heard this before but sounds good- she has a strong voice. The song was written by the same people as last year's entry but not as good I didn't think. But WOW at what happened to her dress at the end- it was beautiful- THE GIRL ON FIRE!! 

Well, it was just lighting but still love it- very keeping to the theme. AND she looks like India de Beaufort :D 

14. Romania
Somewhat catchy but again not impressive. NEXT.

15. Denmark*
I like this one too :D Lovely song and great voice! And again, love the backing effects. ANd again, cannot understand the celloist's dress sense. But still- liking this act!

16. Greece
Another catchy song but nothing special. But I'm sure that skimpy skirt helps. Sex sells right?

17. Sweden
Definitely a unique performance- who needs martial arts lessons when we've got this entry to watch?

18. Turkey
He sounds totally drunk I don't get this... Maybe I'll go wash up the bowl I used to eat icecream with now I have 2 minutes or so :/ And it's total madness. DOn't even know what this is- a donkey? a boat? a ship? ><

19. Spain
Strong powerful voice but again doesn't stand out. 

20. Germany*
Good song here but kind of boring performance. I do like the song though I wish he had more style in his delivery.

21. Malta
This song IS soo catchy ahhh but it's missing something i dont know. It's fun and that guitarist has style :D

22. FYR Macedonia
She looks like she should be in an office somewhere... or on the Apprentice. I don't know lol. Interesting song- strangely addictive S:

23. Ireland*
OK it's Jedward :D I don't like Jedward but since they are at Eurovision and it's actually someone I know I'll be rooting for them. Their song 'Waterline' is better than last year's 'Lipstick' AND they have an interesting performance- loving the fountain! :D 

24. Serbia
This is kind of UK's direct competition imo... has quite a similar beginning and some riffs remind me of Engelbert's song. :/ But i kind of like this more haha.

25. Ukraine
NOT HERE FOR THIS. Absolutely nothing here. And her dress- it looks like cut up tissues ?

26. Moldova
And tonight's line up ends with madness from Moldova and his 'trumpet'. I'm ready for the results already ok.

*acts I'm rooting for :D  

OK Rooting for Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Iceland and Ireland. Those are my pick - so hope they win!!! Who are YOU rooting for? 

The interval act is brilliantly produced but again I'd rather they have the past five winners perform now- it's so much more relevant :/ I do like the lasers though- that was pretty cool with the flames. 

And this singer... lol his descent was like some alien abduction :/

OK so the results are coming through!! And my favourites are doing terribly... noone likes Denmark !? 0 points still at half way. Sweden taking the lead, followed by Serbia and Russia- seems like the top three are pretty much set.

And UK? 1 point so far! haha and now LAST place. Estonia is moving up YAY GO GO GO! It can still make top 5! Sweden has pretty much won :D Prefer them to Serbia than Russia :P


Unfortunately, my favs did not do so well~
Estonia 6th
Germany 8th
Ireland 19th
Iceland 20th
Denmark 23rd

But anyway, congrats Sweden!! Here are the final results:

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