Friday, 25 May 2012

'Avengers Assemble' Film Review

OK I know I am super late in seeing this film- I was going to see it on opening day but moved back to uni early- soooo bummed- and with deadlines catching up with me, I could only really see it now that everything is finished! So, I have just witnessed something spectacular and amazing and I can't wait to share with you every ounce of my juicy thoughts.

First up, I'd just like to say that the film should've stayed as The Avengers opposed to Avengers Assemble. Because now that they have assembled, the second film can't really be called Avengers Assemble 2 so idk, but let's not dwell on technicalities. Oh, I hope I didn't spoil anything by saying there WILL BE a 2, because let's face it, there was no way this movie is not getting a sequel, and with record breaking box office sales THREE WEEKS IN A ROW, people will see this sequel however rubbish it is.

But let's not get too carried away with the potential sequel and get back on track to the first. So, following on from the plot in Thor, S.H.I.E.L.D has the tesseract which is a beautiful glowing cube full of radioactive energy, potentially providing humans an unlimited supply of sustainable energy. Cast away and vengeful, Loki makes a deal with the Chitauri (a scary alien race) that in exchange for the tesseract, they will send their army of alien creatures to claim Earth for Loki to rule.

Armed with a powerful sceptre, Loki busts into SHIELD and steals the tessseract, brainwashing the heartwarming Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and the scientist from Thor whose name I have forgotten. Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) then recruits his Avengers one by one, starting with the beautiful and sexy Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson).

Let me spend a whole paragraph on this, because YES I am a fan of Scarlett and I love her movies, but this scene was just spectacular- one of the most breathtaking scenes ever and I think sums up the movie quite well in terms of all the qualities it possesses. I won't give it away, but there is humour, there is sass, there is sexiness and of course some brilliant action and jaw dropping moves.

Hulk. Captain America. Iron Man. Like any film with any sort of group, there is going to be tension and of course at first, these solo superheroes aren't going to play well with each other as demonstrated by the fantastic fight scene between Iron man and Thor, who is a bit rogue at this point. For about half of this movie, the Avengers are really still quite a bit of a mess and trying to work out who fits where and working together. 

I would usually condemn a film for dragging things out (since we all know they will end up working together it's just a matter of getting there) but the beauty of the movie is that there are individual scenes which captivate you, dispersed throughout this comparatively slow 'assembling'. One of which was the early Black Widow recruitment scene mentioned before, followed by uplifting and humorous scenes featuring Iron Man (Robert Downey Junior) and his unrivalled one liners.

As the movie drew to a climax and Hawkeye rescued by Black Widow from his alien mind control in a sublime fight scene, it's time to move to New York, the backdrop to where the Avengers are going to take down an alien army. 

What I love love love about this final fight scene is that everyone does their own part. Everyone has a particular skill set and it is used in a way that displays their individuality, yet they are united in goal. Yes, there are superheroes, but there are also human characters such as Hawkeye and Black Widow and whilst you might assume they'd be shadowed by the likes of the Hulk, they hold their own and have moments where they truly shine: Hawkeye jumping off that tower and shooting? = FANTASTIC.

Despite an ever so slightly sluggish build up, the finale was spectacular and was well worth the wait, leaving us utterly satisfied and in awe. Do we want more? YES and more we will get as the film ended with an open dispersal of its members, each back to their own films (for now) and if you stayed behind after the credits, a teaser for what the follow up might have in store for us villain wise.

Overall, Joss Whedon has done a fantastic job bringing this whole project to life- one of the biggest projects EVER and he smashed it. You'd know if he didn't because all the fans out there of ALL the superheroes would have something to say about it. With an all star cast and superhero egos larger than life, he managed to control and harness the individuality of the characters, giving each of them an opportunity so showcase their persona in an equal way, within a dramatic and deep plot which follows on from Thor, so there is already a back story and develops it, enriched with darker themes and ideas. With a stunning finale that just makes you forget whatever tiny mishap you may have picked up on (only a few insignificant minor details), this film is near perfection. 

If you haven't seen it yet, GO NOW- this is a film you definitely want to see on the big screen. Believe the hype because this is a film you won't regret seeing. And you know what you'll regret? If you watch the upcoming Thor, Captain America and Iron man sequels before seeing this. GO GO GO! Find your nearest cinema now!

With the upcoming sequels and a potential Black Widow solo film (Scarlett Johansson won't be returning in Iron man 3 [boo!]), the sequel to 'The Avengers' may have to wait (despite given the green light by Disney). But if this was anything to go by, and if Joss Whedon once again takes the driver's seat, I'm sure we have nothing to worry about and it will be SO worth the wait.

Scarlett Johansson- Black Widow/ Natasha Rominoff
Robert Downey Junior- Iron Man
Chris Evans- Captain America
Chris Hemsworth- Thor
Mark Ruffalo- The Hulk
Jeremy Renner- Hawkeye
Samuel L Jackson- Nick Fury
Tom Hiddleston- Loki

Also stars Stellan Skaarsgard, a surprise appearance of Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, Clark Gregg and Colbie Smulders.

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