Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Apprentice Season 8 Episode 9 Recap

The guys will be designing a campaign raising awareness for British sparkling wine. Phoenix gets to choose someone from Sterling to join their team and they choose Nick. 

Ricky becomes project manager for Sterling and Tom becomes project manager (again) for Phoenix. OMG STEVE ACTUALLY SUGGESTED CHINK? NO. PFFFT WHY IS HE STILL HERE? OMG Tescos. LOL Steven. LOL. Asking for a sales person to talk them through wine! hahaha... Gabrielle for the win. LOL Steven picks grandeur to represent their ENGLISH wine and lol it's French. 

 I agree with Jade in how Tom is just enjoying wine-tasting etc what is he actually doing to win the task? Pffft. I really hope they lose even though their team is clearly more knowledgable. Not keen on their logo though.

For their advert, Phoenix picks to do a dinner party whilst Sterling decides to go with a wedding theme. Adam is too fixated on how they hold the glasses etc... Ricky reminds Jenna and Steven not to make the ad too cheesy- it feels cheesy !! D: Phoenix definitely has the better ad!

The teams pitch their campaign to leading wine experts. For Sterling, their website, logo and tagline seems to have wooed the panel, but their video really disturbed them. Totes agree- their video was horrible and cringe-inducing! For Phoenix, they had a more coherant website and video, but they were more sales focussed. So who will win?

In the boardroom, Phoenix was criticised for their sales orientation and their boring video, whilst Sterling's video was not serious enough, but the logo (designed by Gabrielle) was praised. So in the end, Phoenix wins- this decision from the wine experts and also Lord Sugar- could be fixed?  Anyway, I feel Gabrielle will be safe- and that the video is their downfall so the responsibility would lie with Jenna and Steven. 

Analysing the task, Steven points the finger at Gabrielle for her lack of contribution for which is stupid as she designed the website, the clever logo whilst he was running around Tesco! Ricky decides to bring back Jenna and Steven for their responsibility of the disasterous video. 

But who will go?

I don't even know what to say. It's Steven's first time back in the boardroom and he basically said if he was PM he would win and so Alan Sugar fires Jenna and makes Steven PM next week in which the two teams will be doing something for a discount website.

LOL at Gabrielle's face when Stephen comes back to the house. :W

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