Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Apprentice Season 8 Episode 8 Recap

This week the guys head to Waterloo's Leake Street and will be selling urban art- the team with the most commisson will win. Each team picks two artists to represent.

Gabrielle heads herself up as Project manager for Sterling given her background as an architect and having done exhibitions before, whilst Tom heads it up for Phoenix.

First up Jade and Adam see artist SPQR in Bristol. OMG Adam pisses me off. That is NOT how you speak about an artist's work. That's how you speak about their work when they're not there. LOL. Pffft.

OMG Nick and Ricky when they are looking at the street art- smh.

And LOL Tom probably not helping by showing off his knowledge of the urban art scene- the artist prob didnt even know or care about them!

YES Team Sterling get Pure Evil- love how Gabrielle pretty much got that for the team- :D And I love that piece with the dripping paint onto the floor- that was awesome.

LOL how bitter Tom is about losing Pure Evil- you forgot about Gabrielle mate, you may have knowledge but clearly not her charm.

For Sterling, I like Pure Evil but not Nathan Bowen- though it seems to match Beefeater more than any other of the artists. For Phoenix, I don't like Jessop's work but if they sell it, they make a lot of money. Copyright also has some cool work but would not make it on my wall!

Copyright's work sells well, but Phoenix really needs a Jessop sale. Lots of interest on that green monster painting but noone has bought it yet.

Despite having Nathan do a live art show, his paintings are not selling, whilst Pure Evil's work is going well.

OMG Stephen's treatment of the Beefeater client. WHERE IS GABRIELLE!? OMG She would've done soooo much better. If the other team gets their big client... they could lose it... hmm...

In the boardroom, Gabrielle was praised for her enthusiasm with pure evil but was critiqued for not asking for a budget from Beefeater who had a budget £10,000. Tom's lack of enthusiasm for Pure evil was mentioned to which he seemed shock to hear. In the end Sterling made £137 more with gallery sales despite no commision from Beefeater and wins the task! GO GABRIELLE!

Back in the boardroom, it has been revealed that Laura made the least sales and the problem of losing Pure Evil and going for James Jessop was one of the biggest problems. Tom chooses Jade and Laura to go back in with him. Tom is clearly going to be safe so either Jade or Laura will go imo.

 LOL at Jade when Laura talks about her sales

But who will Lord Sugar send home?

Tom eloquently summed up why he chose Laura and Jade- blame was clearly shifted onto Laura- and yes it was down to sales- even if they had Pure Evil and Laura didn't sell his work it wouldn't been pointless so it was right that she went home!

OK so 8 remain and next week they're doing something with sparkling wine... and it seems like Gabrielle is in a bit of trouble- but I'm sure she'll make it through :D

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