Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Apprentice Season 8 Episode 7 Recap

OK I am super tired- I could fall asleep ANY second so this recap will be pretty quick. This week's task sees the two teams buy wholesale goods, sell them as fast as they can to get more stock and the winning team will be the team with the greatest asset (cash + value of stock remaining).

Jade heads up team Phoenix having not been project manager before, whilst Nick is PM for Sterling. Jade is a mess - she claims to lead by example and make quick decisions but leaves only 10 minutes to pick products and they pick random products. Sterling seem to be doing well with a clear strategy and two clear product categories... I hope they win!

Sterling's fake tan sells super well but with no stock left and a two hour wait as their stock is replenished, they lose sales. Jade'e team has no strategy and is buying random junk and despite the beetles' selling well, Jade tells them to buy other things. As much as Azhar annoys me, I don't like Jade's lack of strategy and just not thinking about the task with common sense.

Towards the end of the day, Phoenix slashes their prices to make profit whilst Sterling keeps their prices high. 

In the boardroom, Sterling was criticised for having no stock whilst Azhar brought up Jade's lack of strategy. But in the end, Sterling wins with just over £900 of assets whilst Phoenix had £800 ish. YAY! 

Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar tells them their fake tan margins were too low and that the market stock was not split well. He questions Jade on her decisions and I think the fault obviously lies with her. She decides to bring in Azhar and Tom though I think Jade has to be fired for her failure. No way she can manage to shift the blame to anyone else... hmm... There might have been a reason Lord Sugar asked how much Laura had contributed, and Jade should've brought her back.

It was clear Tom was going to stay so the questioning was mainly directed at Jade and Azhar. Jade basically said Azhar is not someone you want to work with whilst both Tom and Azhar thing Jade was the cause of the task failure.

But who goes?

In the end, Lord Sugar gives Jade another chance based on enthusiasm. Bye Azhar! I did like Jade more but thought she should've gone based on her lack of strategy... but Azhar couldn't have won it anyway so glad the more interesting one stayed.

Next week the guys sell urban art which is going to be exciting! Let's see how much they value the work and how they sell it! Hopefully Gabrielle's artistic side comes out and she PMs.

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