Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Apprentice Season 8 Episode 11 Recap

OK since Gabrielle's premature departure last week and I don't really have a new favourite, my recaps will probably be brief unless there is anything particularly juicy :P This week the guys have to create an affordable luxury product range.

Tom joins Ricky for team Sterling and Ricky puts himself up for project manager; they decide to go for male grooming products. Adam is project manager for Phoenix and decides to create luxury chocolates and hot chocolates.

LOL Adam's ideas for chocolate names- and Jade's 'Sweet Thing' Pffft... WOW the chocolatier and the chocolates look amazing- argggggh I want some!! And I definitely don't think they should've included the jelly. OMG did they actually go with 'Sweet Thing'??

Sterling's product is definitely better and so is their brand. I thought the branding was ok it was luxury so doesn't really matter if it is a bit boring.

For their test day, the potential customers loved 'Sweet Thing' and the atmosphere whilst 'Modern Gentlemen' were a bit dull and boring. I did think the atmosphere was better at 'Sweet Thing' and they definitely wooed the customers. Hmm the delivery was really bad for Sterling- I don't even think it's their product :/ Ricky and Tom just seems like unenthused when introducing their product.

The two teams must now pitch their idea and marketing strategies to Lord Sugar and leading industry experts. For Sterling and 'Modern Gentlemen', they had a great presentation but the branding was a bit weak. For Phoenix and 'Sweet Thing', their product range was a bit of a mess and so was their pricing. Adam's presentation was a mess though Jade was surprisingly lively.

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar discusses the two teams' ideas and branding and presentations and so on. Nothing new is really said. Lord Sugar deems Sterling the better product and so one of Phoenix will be going home. Ricky and Tom makes it in the final (there's 4 in the final?). Will Nick, Jade or Adam go home?

Back in the boardroom, Adam is scrutinized for sidelining Jade and failing to come up with a business model, whilst Nick was critiqued for not pushing his strengths more given he owned a high quality coffee shop business. In the end, the boys gang up on Jade despite her giving all the ideas for the task but Adam is fired. 

So next week in the final, the four remaining candidates pitch their ideas and one will win!

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