Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Apprentice Season 8 Episode 10 Recap

So last week Stephen had a narrow escape with being cut from the show and this week he will be project manager for team Sterling. The contestants are going to be shopping for bargains for discount deals and pitching them to discount websites. They will pick the good deals and put them on the website and the team that makes the most money wins. (money from the website i'm guessing opposed to number of clicks or whatever).

For Phoenix, Jade heads herself up as PM. WOW last time she was PM- there was a disaster haha! This is a promising episode :W Sterling is quick to leave and hunt for deals, whilst again, Phoenix takes ages to discuss AGAIN with Jade heading them.

LOL Ricky being distracted by the hotel and scallop eating. And not getting a deal from the hotel. Ricky was planned to go to Tring to meet another hotel but as it takes an hour to get there, he asks Stephen if he should take the risk which Stephen pushes him to do, but with Gabrielle's aid, decides against it at the end. 

LOL and Jade and Nick at the restaurant and not being able to work the calculator- I HAVE THAT CALCULATOR and it's not difficult to use! Haha I love that he is blunt with them. 

Ricky manages to secure deals at his second meeting and again gets given a plate of scallops :D AND AGAIN at his third restaurant deal HAHAHHAHA Can the body handle so many scallops?

So the teams have to get back to the daily deals website place by 7pm- and the teams are in a race against time - reminds me of ANTM go-sees haha.

Phoenix has six deals whilst Sterling has nine deals.

OK so apparently, the deals making the most money will win so I guess they do take into account the sales from each place?

In the boardroom, Phoenix was praised for their multiple deals whilst Tom and Adam were critiqued for their choice of deals submitted. In the end, 2/6 were accepted by phoenix and they accepted 3/9 from Sterling. Total sales £14500 for Phoenix and Sterling just over £6000. Phoenix wins! 

So Stephen's neck is on the line as Gabrielle and Ricky return to the boardroom with him. I really hope Gabrielle doesn't go! The PM has never been fired thus yet in any of these 10 episodes and I hope tonight Stephen goes home! I feel Ricky is pretty safe from the number of deals he made and sold. So it really is between Stephen and Gabrielle. EEEK!!

Back in the boardroom, Ricky is critiqued for his cap on his sold out deal and also not making the trip to the famous spa in Tring, but was praised for making the most money. Gabrielle was critiqued for fronting the fish spa place as it wasn't appropriate. 

But who goes home?

Ricky defends himself and it was obvious he would be staying. Of Stephen and Gabrielle, Lord Sugar reiterates that Gabrielle is a nice girl but he is not looking for a friend and sends her home for not being on 'fire' and losing 'fight' - SO WRONG- but also sends Stephen home YESSSS if Gabbie's going, at least she brings Stephen down with him. I sooo dislike him for deflecting everything at people and just glad he's gone. Shame Gabrielle had to go as well...

Hmm I don't know who I'm rooting for now... maybe Ricky, maybe Nick. :/

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