Thursday, 31 May 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Changes and Preview

OK I've been holding back for a while with regards to Cycle 19 and how it is going to work but now that Cycle 18 has just announced its winner, I'm going to dedicate a whole blog to the upcoming 'college edition', out this fall.

So first up, Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and Ms Jay got fired for the latest cycle. Replacing Nigel on the panel is male model Rob Evans and Johnny Wujek serves as creative director as well as blogger Bryan Boy. 

The second biggest change is that the viewers get to vote for their favourite photos and have a chance to share their comments and video messages with a chance for them to be aired during panel. 

Personally, the new cast changes are probably a reflection of Kelly Cutrone's PR power making this cycle a more social media infused show. So is the new voting system which NOBODY seems to understand.

I see these changes as a way to SAVE top model because it has not been renewed for cycle 20 as far as I'm aware? and their dwindling audience figures aren't helping. With social media and Facebook, they can easily get free advertising with each 'like' or 'share' and I feel they are manipulating and taking advantage of us by doing so.

Each week, they will be revealing the best photos from the contestants in real time during filming so we will probably get a new set every few days. 

1. The girl who is eliminated is spoilt. One girl already quit.
2. Voting for the best photo? No personality.
3. Will it affect the result anyway? Probably not.

Whilst I like spoilers to some extent, I have no feeling or emotion towards any of the girls right now as I haven't seen them or their personality and just don't care if they go or not. As I like girls with quirk/personality, I cannot decide who I like based on still photos alone. Also, a girl with great potential/personality could be eliminated based on a bad photo one week even if they have lots to give. 

Just like any other cycle, we all know the photos chosen are probably fixed/biased/with intention to sabotage, so we can't really use them as a real indication of who we like. 

And lastly, will voting/video messaging even help or at all change who gets sent home? I highly doubt it. I just see it as a ploy to get free advertising and getting us to spread the word about ANTM to make more people watch it so it will get more viewers and get another cycle. I'm not going to bother wasting my time. 

However, if you're buying into this whole thing, then head to ANTM's Facebook page and start voting!

UPDATE: The prizes for Cycle 19 are total dreck. Covergirl AND Vogue Italia has been REMOVED- why Franca Sozzani tolerated ANTM for so long beats me.

The girls are competing for a $100,000 cash prize, a contract with LA Models (not IMG), a spread in Nylon, campaign with Ninewest and Smashbox cosmetics and to be the new face of Dream Come True.

LOLOLOLOLOL This show has gone off the rails and should've ended with the All Star Cycle ><

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