Thursday, 31 May 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 13 (FINALE) Recap

So Laura VS Sophie in the Cycle 18 Finale. #teamsophie all the way. The girls first challenge is their Covergirl commercial and print ad. The girls are told that their commercial has already been filmed throughout the competition. Oooh.

Whilst Sophie could read really well and her voice is so charming, she just didn't do the swift movements and the body to match, especially at the 'easy, breezy, beautiful' part. Idk maybe the just didn't show her best takes here. 

Laura struggles with her print shoot to begin with (she looked amazing though) and then has some sort of panic attack and is unable to finish her covergirl commercial. 

The girls then head to the MGM spa (which is like what a few floors downstairs) and shoot their Vogue Italia Spread. Here, Sophie struggles whilst Laura shines, and both the stylist and Jez Smith (the photographer) liked Laura more.

Back at the hotel, Laura is given a second chance to film her commercial.

For the final runway show, the girls will be wearing Forever21 and will be in a HOLOGRAPHIC fashion show!! Holographics have been a big hit for some Japanese bands and now this is quite something. Hopefully it will look phenoms.

They have brought back Annaliese, Eboni, Catherine and Alisha (lol looking smiley as ever) to walk as well. If Alisha's gonna be a decoy, I don't get why she just didn't continue with the competition since she wouldn't be home anyway? Idk.

AND WTH is with the Tyra opening sequence. More overacting from  her ><

OK this 'holographic' thing wasn't as WOW as I thought- it was just backdrop. Meh- but Sophie looked amazing with the bow hair bun accessory. 

LOL at Alisha not walking in the light.

At panel, Sophie's walk was deemed better than Laura's. Laura's Covergirl commercial was actually quite surprising given they used previous footage so anything bad in the line reads could just be swapped for footage. Hmm... she did look stunning and animated in those moments.

For Sophie's commercial, her personality was not seen in the candid moments. Errr the production chose those candid moments, so clearly she was sabotaged. And another thing, both the girls had the same candid moments and the ones where they were posing in the glass, and wearing lipstick on the street- that couldn't have been candid. :/

Sophie's Covergirl ad was praised more than Laura's. I thought her ad is more 'zagalicious' than Laura lol- idgi.

I was pretty surprised with deliberation. I thought Kelly was going to be pro-Laura all the way but she's pretty much batting for Team Sophie which I'm really happy about but the fact that they showed it might just mean Laura wins. They can't make it too obvious. What I also liked about this deliberation is that they talked about who would do well at what, with regards to each part of the prize package. 

I really want Sophie to win but I have a feeling Laura will. :/

America's Next Top Model is...

SOPHIE!!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!!! Soooo happy.

I kind of feel this finale was overshadowed by the impending new changes and leaks of Cycle 19. Check out the changes and previews for the upcoming cycle.

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