Thursday, 17 May 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 11 Recap

So obviously the episode started with the girls reacting to the shocking elimination last week. LOL at Sophie's reaction to Tyra not letting Eboni stay. 

The remaining three girls predict they will be going on go-sees from the Tyra-Mail. The twist is that this time, every go-see they book they will also get $1000 HK. SHOPPING SPREE!!! 


The girls have four designers to impress. The first, William Tang, LOVED ANNALIESE (yay!!) and also liked Sophie but did not like Laura's walk.

The second designer was Gregory Derham liked Sophie and also LOVED Annaliese- no idea what the hell was with her dress though- those bananas hahaha! He also thinks Laura needs to work on her walk.

The third designer Henry Lau did not like Annaliese wanting a 'cool girl, sexy and straightforward'- uhh that IS Annaliese! Maybe Laura's OTT sexuality will suit him more! He likes Sophie and Laura.

The last designer Marisa Zeman of 'Nude is Rude' LOL liked Laura in the clothes but not her walk. She liked Sophie but LOVED Annaliese and was her FAVOURITE.

In the end, Laura got mixed feedback and booked 2/4, Annaliese was 'exotic' and booked 3/4 and Sophie booked all 4! UMM WAIT. Sophie is going to be the face of Marisa Zeman? I thought Annaliese was her favourite WHAT?

For the photoshoot, the girls shoot for the 'Dream Come True' fragrance in a lifesize bottle- which is probably one of the most high fashion concepts this cycle. 

Sophie does really well- this shoot was made for her- Annaliese struggled with her body language- I mean she could really just stand there and smile like she does and get a good shot. But idk... Laura is nervous about the brief- it is not her at all but she does look great and was versatile even though a lot of what she did was highly sexual. 

Annaliese brings up the fact that ANTM is meant to be a role model as well and wonders if Laura's giving off a good image. I love that Sophie brings up the fact that it's America's next top model and questions if a Brit can actually win... I will discuss this later !

At panel, the judges like Laura's photo but think it's not youthful enough for the target demo. Annaliese's photo doesn't feel like a high end ad though was more youthful than Laura's. The photographer praised her for not giving up. Kelly actually praised her for her challenge success (Annaliese can walk away from this happy now after all that Kelly hate!)

Sophie also gets a beautiful shot but it is again not as youthful as they wanted. I think what they wanted was like an Avril Lavigne Black Star type ad which was kind of what came to my mind with the whole pink dress thing. 

So at deliberation, Annaliese's photo is considered most youthful and stuck to the brief whilst her personality was praised non-stop (apart from the photographer BOO). Laura and Sophie both had a good photo and both ARE models but missed the youthfulness.

Now I'm gonna address the issue of whether I think an American or a Brit will win. Firstly, I wholeheartedly believe that an American and a Brit will be in the final 2. They're gonna leave the 'WHO WILL WIN' conundrum right to the end. So Laura basically has a free pass and so unfortunately, either Annaliese or Sophie will be sent home to facilitate this production brief for the finale.

IF it wasn't US VS UK I believe Annaliese and Sophie will be Top 2 and it will be that way as well if Annaliese was an American. I think Annaliese has progressed so much in the competition and has so much personality that she will do so well in the industry afterwards anyway. 

So first call out will be Sophie I think followed by Laura :P but will this be true?

The first girl called is...

SOPHIE... and yep Laura- it was so obvious it would be UK VS US in the finale... I don't even know why Laura looked so shocked. 

Annaliese's exit was perfect- I think her personality wins our hearts and she just makes it easy and does it with grace :D 

Next week, the final two girls will be walking in a show for Forever21 and Laura breaks down... will it cost her the title?

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