Thursday, 10 May 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 10 Recap

The girls first challenge this week is an acting challenge with supposedly one of Hong Kong's biggest stars Nicholas Tse- Sophie called him a 'Brad Pitt'... NO. Noone would have heard of him- he's got a long way to go to become a Tony Leung or a Easen. 

Anyway, the girls learn some martial arts move and will be doing a scene and the winning girl gets to fly back to Hong Kong to star in Nicholas Tse's music video. Each girl gets paired up and has to learn some lines after.

LOL it was hilarious. I thought Annaliese did really well as did Alisha, though Alisha's 'let's go' was really strange. In the end Laura won the challenge... I wonder if practicing with him had anything to do with it? Hmm... 

The girls get a bit jealous and suspect her practice session with Nic helped her to win. Laura jokes about not minding sleeping with him to which Eboni and Sophie joke how she slept her way to the top. Laura freaks out and yells at the girls for thinking this way but all the girls are like- she admitted it and she's very sexual- like whatever. Girls 1- Laura 0.

For the photoshoot the girls will be on top of the Macau tower, where people bungee jump. It has potential to be a great shoot but the weather meant that the supposed skyline being the backdrop didn't work very well and the styling was horrible- why did they give the girls plimsols? Annaliese's boots and Alisha's boots had atleast some style...

Sophie freaks out and doesn't want to go first but decides she will so Laura (who volunteered in her place) can't as it's a competition. Jay says she has a good shot but we will see.

Jay and Nigel both liked Annaliese on set (YESS Nigel better fight for her at panel)!! Laura did well - I thought Eboni gave a variety of poses and looked amazing- she is probably going to be sabotaged though.

Alisha was scared they didn't really show her do much... and she needs a good shot!

At panel, Nicholas Tse is guest judge. Hmm... Laura is deffo safe then! Annaliese gets a good shot- Kelly has no complaints- her face could be softer but its good overall- the boot could be a bit pointed... 

Alisha's photo IS editorial but she could be doing that pose anywhere and it'd be editorial. And NO NECK MONSTER!! Sophie was praised for doing the shoot and not translating fear into the photo but it's not her best shot.

Eboni's body language is great but her face is criticised. Kelly makes some rubbish analogy about the tower of Piza. Laura has a 'beautiful' picture- Kelly is all up in her biz. HER LEGS ARE HORRIBLE- Face, I'll give you that- yes she has good facial angles, but body NO. 


She did NOT make use of the set/the height/the drama. She could be doing that on a beach, or on a bed... whatever. NO. this is bull. I would NOT see Laura's shot in IV or any of those publications she listed. NO.

OK at deliberation, Nigel is FIGHTING for Annaliese YES YES YES and it's SOOO obvious Kelly's biasness/favouritism is kicking in. She keeps saying Annaliese isn't a model. SO WHAT. She's producing the shots. She's producing the best shots each week. Even if the other girls are more modelesque, they are NOT producing and by normal Top model Standards- Annaliese should go through!! Meh Kelly sucks.

Alisha is compared to Annaliese - saying Alisha has the proportions, the beauty, but is not performing. LOL at Kelly's quote: "the modelling world is crying somewhere".

I HATE how Kelly has so much say/power- she said more than Tyra in this whole ep i think!? pffft.

Alisha and Eboni to be in the bottom two with Laura FCO. Smh. Annaliese deserves a FCO but meh stupid rigged top model...

So first girl called is... 

Laura followed by Sophie WHAT? NO ANNALIESE!! and then Annaliese. In the bottom two are Alisha and Eboni. Bye bye Eboni :( Both girls get the same comment. They have wonderful proportions but the photos aren't coming out and in the end, Alisha stays. BUT OH WAIT. Alisha wants to go HOME! WOW I did not expect this. She doesn't feel like she's being true to herself and doesn't want to take it from Eboni but Tyra says Eboni has to go as well..WHAT? It's episode 10 and it's three girls left? How does that work..

 Via Tumblr

I thought Eboni should've been allowed to stay but oh well... so predictions? I think Laura's been given the winner's edit- Kelly loves her and is clearly her favourite. I think Annaliese has improved so much and glad she's final 3. I don't see her winning or being in Italian Vogue but at least she got to where I expect her to be- Top 3!!

In terms of whether Tyra will let a Brit win or not... hmm... who knows? I'd prefer Sophie to win than Laura but we'll find out!

Next week the girls will be posing in lifesize bottles which seems like an awesome shoot. Much better than this week anyway.

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