Thursday, 3 May 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 9 Recap

So the episode starts with Laura outing that she doesn't like Eboni and that some of the girls think she's too vain. Nigel pays them a visit bringing chinese food (GET THE HINT GIRLS?) and then followed by forturne cookies. Sophie's read: "keep your friends close but the envious closer" to which Alisha responds with the first QUOTE OF THE EP:

"Who envies Sophie? Who wants pink hair?" LOL ALISHA.

Whilst Alisha, who just got best photo last week gets one saying: "It's a long fall from the top." HAHAHA

Eboni's was also funny saying: "For what you lack in maturity, you make up in youth." Were these set up? Hmm... Nigel's tell them that they're going to Macau, Asia.

First up the girls get an aura reading by a surprisingly young a ok looking astrologer? Was he scouted LOL? and then they have to recreate a look based on the colours he told them to wear... and the winner gets an MGM spa treatment with her team...

So funnily enough, Laura wins the challenge and has to bring Eboni along and they hug at the challenge but wait- didn't you just say you don't like her? Hmm.. But both confess to not liking each other and Eboni said it was awkward and uncomfortable.

For their photoshoot, the girls will be modelling silk gowns whilst being accessorized in silk worms... which is a cool concept if only there weren't like a million of them... I think just one would be good enough like the Cycle 3 photoshoot with the spider. These just look really messy and RUIN the photoshoot imo! 

Annaliese looked great but struggled with emotions to begin with- some of her poses were great though. Laura looked amazing and her no-fear for the worms definitely helped her, but how she could pull off an orgasmic inspired shoot with them is beyond me.

Eboni looked like Seymone lol and she really should have had a long black wig cos short black hair does not work for her... and she struggled emotionally too whilst Sophie looked great and did great. 

Catherine found the emotion but struggled with posing and Alisha couldn't pull out the emotion or the poses- she was crying like mad in her challenge...hmm... it's a long fall from the top indeed! 

At panel, the judges all loved Laura's picture (it WAS really good) whilst Nigel and Kelly liked Eboni's but Tyra did not like her no-neckedness (agreed!).

Catherine and Alisha both did not do well (bottom two I'm thinking!) The judges liked Annaliese's shot but thought Sophie's was a bit amateur- and Nigel did not like her facial expression. I like the garment in the photo. 

At deliberation, Kelly has expressed that she doesn't like Annaliese as a model and keeps saying she should be a host. THROW THAT OUT THE WINDOW KELLY. If she's producing the results who cares if she's better as something else? I don't like this woman. 

Anyway, Alisha will probably be in bottom was not selling the garment with Catherine or Eboni... and Laura should get FCO.

The first girl called is...

Laura followed by Annaliese and Sophie. In the bottom two are Catherine and Alisha. Catherine is going home deffos... and she does!

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