Monday, 28 May 2012

Allison Harvard in Michael Cinco's 'Impalpable' Fragrance Ad

Since losing out to Lisa in ANTM's All star Cycle, Allison Harvard has walked New York Fashion week as well as being  the face of Michael Cinco's new fragrance, 'Impalpable'.

In the motion editorial, Harvard looks serene and elegant, mysterious yet angelic and the whole thing screams 'Impalpable' as Allison is projected onto the male model and fades like a ghost.

Who needs the ANTM 'Dream come true' fragrance, when you've got THIS? Go Allison!! 

Check out the motion editorial below, the ad campaign and lots of extra gifs!


  1. She's doing so well! I'm glad she didn't win in a way

    1. The only part of the ANTM prize package i think would benefit her is the Vogue Italia spread- and maybe the $100,000 which she can use for her artistic endeavours. but by the way she's going, she could very well land Vogue since Jane Randall managed to do it on her own!


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