Thursday, 31 May 2012

'Designer Skyline' by Owl City

Since jumping on the 'Owl City' bandwagon, I have fallen in love with this song called 'Designer Skyline'. 

As an architecture student, I just love the creative and imaginative lyrics and have been listening to this whilst completing projects and drawings etc and it just seems to fitting... kind of like my theme song right now.

Check out the song below and lyrics after the jump:

America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Changes and Preview

OK I've been holding back for a while with regards to Cycle 19 and how it is going to work but now that Cycle 18 has just announced its winner, I'm going to dedicate a whole blog to the upcoming 'college edition', out this fall.

So first up, Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and Ms Jay got fired for the latest cycle. Replacing Nigel on the panel is male model Rob Evans and Johnny Wujek serves as creative director as well as blogger Bryan Boy. 

The second biggest change is that the viewers get to vote for their favourite photos and have a chance to share their comments and video messages with a chance for them to be aired during panel. 

Personally, the new cast changes are probably a reflection of Kelly Cutrone's PR power making this cycle a more social media infused show. So is the new voting system which NOBODY seems to understand.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 13 (FINALE) Recap

So Laura VS Sophie in the Cycle 18 Finale. #teamsophie all the way. The girls first challenge is their Covergirl commercial and print ad. The girls are told that their commercial has already been filmed throughout the competition. Oooh.

Whilst Sophie could read really well and her voice is so charming, she just didn't do the swift movements and the body to match, especially at the 'easy, breezy, beautiful' part. Idk maybe the just didn't show her best takes here. 

Laura struggles with her print shoot to begin with (she looked amazing though) and then has some sort of panic attack and is unable to finish her covergirl commercial. 

The girls then head to the MGM spa (which is like what a few floors downstairs) and shoot their Vogue Italia Spread. Here, Sophie struggles whilst Laura shines, and both the stylist and Jez Smith (the photographer) liked Laura more.

Back at the hotel, Laura is given a second chance to film her commercial.

For the final runway show, the girls will be wearing Forever21 and will be in a HOLOGRAPHIC fashion show!! Holographics have been a big hit for some Japanese bands and now this is quite something. Hopefully it will look phenoms.

They have brought back Annaliese, Eboni, Catherine and Alisha (lol looking smiley as ever) to walk as well. If Alisha's gonna be a decoy, I don't get why she just didn't continue with the competition since she wouldn't be home anyway? Idk.

AND WTH is with the Tyra opening sequence. More overacting from  her ><

OK this 'holographic' thing wasn't as WOW as I thought- it was just backdrop. Meh- but Sophie looked amazing with the bow hair bun accessory. 

LOL at Alisha not walking in the light.

At panel, Sophie's walk was deemed better than Laura's. Laura's Covergirl commercial was actually quite surprising given they used previous footage so anything bad in the line reads could just be swapped for footage. Hmm... she did look stunning and animated in those moments.

For Sophie's commercial, her personality was not seen in the candid moments. Errr the production chose those candid moments, so clearly she was sabotaged. And another thing, both the girls had the same candid moments and the ones where they were posing in the glass, and wearing lipstick on the street- that couldn't have been candid. :/

Sophie's Covergirl ad was praised more than Laura's. I thought her ad is more 'zagalicious' than Laura lol- idgi.

I was pretty surprised with deliberation. I thought Kelly was going to be pro-Laura all the way but she's pretty much batting for Team Sophie which I'm really happy about but the fact that they showed it might just mean Laura wins. They can't make it too obvious. What I also liked about this deliberation is that they talked about who would do well at what, with regards to each part of the prize package. 

I really want Sophie to win but I have a feeling Laura will. :/

America's Next Top Model is...

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Kelly Clarkson 'Dark Side' Official Music Video

The video to Kelly Clarkson's third single from new album 'Stronger' has been released. Shot as a more inspirational video featuring a range of issues and topics which may reveal someone's 'dark side', 'Dark Side' proclaims that they deserved to be loved as well.

Yet another simple video, the beautiful Clarkson is seen to be moving around swaying her arms about. Is her dark side wearing an alien outfit? Maybe. But we still love her music regardless. 

Hopefully her next single will feature more of a narrative. I'm hoping for 'The War is Over'- the video would be wonderful and emotional, but 'I Forgive You'/'Einstein'/'Let Me Down' are probably better single tracks.

Check out the video below:

The Apprentice Season 8 Episode 11 Recap

OK since Gabrielle's premature departure last week and I don't really have a new favourite, my recaps will probably be brief unless there is anything particularly juicy :P This week the guys have to create an affordable luxury product range.

Tom joins Ricky for team Sterling and Ricky puts himself up for project manager; they decide to go for male grooming products. Adam is project manager for Phoenix and decides to create luxury chocolates and hot chocolates.

LOL Adam's ideas for chocolate names- and Jade's 'Sweet Thing' Pffft... WOW the chocolatier and the chocolates look amazing- argggggh I want some!! And I definitely don't think they should've included the jelly. OMG did they actually go with 'Sweet Thing'??

Sterling's product is definitely better and so is their brand. I thought the branding was ok it was luxury so doesn't really matter if it is a bit boring.

For their test day, the potential customers loved 'Sweet Thing' and the atmosphere whilst 'Modern Gentlemen' were a bit dull and boring. I did think the atmosphere was better at 'Sweet Thing' and they definitely wooed the customers. Hmm the delivery was really bad for Sterling- I don't even think it's their product :/ Ricky and Tom just seems like unenthused when introducing their product.

The two teams must now pitch their idea and marketing strategies to Lord Sugar and leading industry experts. For Sterling and 'Modern Gentlemen', they had a great presentation but the branding was a bit weak. For Phoenix and 'Sweet Thing', their product range was a bit of a mess and so was their pricing. Adam's presentation was a mess though Jade was surprisingly lively.

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar discusses the two teams' ideas and branding and presentations and so on. Nothing new is really said. Lord Sugar deems Sterling the better product and so one of Phoenix will be going home. Ricky and Tom makes it in the final (there's 4 in the final?). Will Nick, Jade or Adam go home?

'Les Miserables' Film Trailer Preview

The trailer for the upcoming adaptation to the musical 'Les Miserable' has been released. Featuring Anne Hathaway singing the famous 'I dreamed a dream', we see shots of the well known cast including Hugh Jackman, Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfried.

Anne Hathaway definitely gets the most screentime in this teaser and she is getting some of the biggest roles of her career yet; she's playing Catwoman in the upcoming epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises.

'Les Miserables' will be out this Christmas. Check out the trailer below:

Owl City 'The Midsummer Station' Album Preview

So Adam Young has finally let loose about what #OCTMS stands for and it is the title of his upcoming Summer release, 'The Midsummer Station'- which is a beautiful name, abstact and poetic. He's also teased us with unlocking the album cover which again is wonderfully surreal and looks totally awesome.

But what's to come musically with this new album? The first four tracks to 'The Midsummer Station' has been released under the 'Shooting Star' EP, revealing a developed sound which is addictive, perhaps more mainstream, but still keeping to a consistent style.

1. Dreams and Disasters
2. Shooting Star
3. Gold
4. Dementia ft. Mark Hoppus
5. I'm Coming After You
6. Speed of Love
7. Good Time
8. Embers
9. Silhouette
10. Metropolis
11. Take It All Away
12. Bombshell Blonde

Other tracks include 'Blonde Bombshell', 'Hey Anna', 'Hope You Think of Me', 'Metropolis', 'Silhouette', 'Speed of Love', 'Top of The World', 'Mr'...

The next single will be 'Good Time' which is a collab with Carly Rae Jepsen, is out June 26. It is super catchy and actually I have grown to quite like it despite it sounding icky in the preview.

The album will be released on August 14th! Will you be rushing to the stores?


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Paper Butterflies by Hina Aoyama


Master of intricate paper cutting, Hina Aoyama specialises in organic forms and text, creating these wonderful paper cut butterflies, patterns on their wings again abstracted organic compositions formed by plants and fauna details.

The level of detail and precision is absolutely phenomenal and the fragility that is formed in this delicate result is to be admired.

Check out more images below:

Monday, 28 May 2012

Allison Harvard in Michael Cinco's 'Impalpable' Fragrance Ad

Since losing out to Lisa in ANTM's All star Cycle, Allison Harvard has walked New York Fashion week as well as being  the face of Michael Cinco's new fragrance, 'Impalpable'.

In the motion editorial, Harvard looks serene and elegant, mysterious yet angelic and the whole thing screams 'Impalpable' as Allison is projected onto the male model and fades like a ghost.

Who needs the ANTM 'Dream come true' fragrance, when you've got THIS? Go Allison!! 

Check out the motion editorial below, the ad campaign and lots of extra gifs!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Eurovision 2012 Final

So it is time for the final and again I will be LIVE BLOGGING THIS TONIGHT at 8pm- so come back and REFRESH for updates!!!

So I haven't actually been that impressed with the semis so far- some standard eurovision trash, a few standouts that didn't make it through (switzerland from semi final 1) and the rare few that I like that actually make it. Hopefully, the big 5 will impress in tonight's final.

The highlight so far has been the return of the past five winners performing during the second semi final which was actually really cool and again, I have NO IDEA why they didn't save it for the final. But anyway, looking forward to Ell & Nikki's opening performance- hope they haven't lost their magic!

AND it was flawless!! I don't know why it was so short they only performed one verse and chorus :( BOO!

The Line up for tonight:
1. United Kingdom
I've not seen the performance yet so here we go! First up! And it kind of bored me... and his voice wasn't quite projected at the beginning- got better towards the end- liked the fireworks more than anything else :P

2. Hungary 
Liked this better than I did on Tuesday but still weak voice... but ok ish song. 

3. Albania
OK I can't get over her outfit/fashion.... that bun on her head, the braid on her chest- I don't get it at all... but her voice is super powerful - not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Did anyone else's windows break midway? lol jk.

4. Lithuania
Hmmm taking off that blindfold and doing hip thrusts won't make this anymore interesting. *yawn*
5. Bosnia and Herzogovina
Simple and beautiful performance, but not memorable.

6. Russia
OK they are cute but they aren't good vocally... esp with this modern ish song which just seems so wrong for them. They've already got the appeal if they did some folk song or something more their style it could probably be really quite something... idk it just feels like they've been taken advantage a bit  like someone brainwashed them and made them sing this song. >< just doesn't feel genuine. meh

7. Iceland*
I really do like them- a part of me feels like they're trying to copy last year's winning formula with a duet- but it's still beautiful :) And Greta looks like an older Christine Guldbrandsen it's true! And the guy looks like a cross between David Beckham and the guy from Supernatural :/

8. Cyprus
Super catchy song- could do well :) La la la la love! :D hehe

9. France
Not heard this before but doesn't stand out to me- those topless dancers may help this get a few more votes though :/
10. Italy
Looking forward to this. The preview sounded quite nice... we'll see. She certainly looks nice and has a strong song but isn't very Eurovision- I like it :D

11. Estonia*
OK I LOVE THIS SONG. :D Definitely rooting for this. Simple but beautiful LOVE IT!

12. Norway
OH it was penned by the same people as last year's 'POPULAR'. I THOUGHT it seemed very similar! This cannot compare at all. >< ewww. Bring back the ethereal blonde Norweigen women please.

13. Azerbaijan
Not heard this before but sounds good- she has a strong voice. The song was written by the same people as last year's entry but not as good I didn't think. But WOW at what happened to her dress at the end- it was beautiful- THE GIRL ON FIRE!! 

Well, it was just lighting but still love it- very keeping to the theme. AND she looks like India de Beaufort :D 

14. Romania
Somewhat catchy but again not impressive. NEXT.

15. Denmark*
I like this one too :D Lovely song and great voice! And again, love the backing effects. ANd again, cannot understand the celloist's dress sense. But still- liking this act!

16. Greece
Another catchy song but nothing special. But I'm sure that skimpy skirt helps. Sex sells right?

17. Sweden
Definitely a unique performance- who needs martial arts lessons when we've got this entry to watch?

18. Turkey
He sounds totally drunk I don't get this... Maybe I'll go wash up the bowl I used to eat icecream with now I have 2 minutes or so :/ And it's total madness. DOn't even know what this is- a donkey? a boat? a ship? ><

19. Spain
Strong powerful voice but again doesn't stand out. 

20. Germany*
Good song here but kind of boring performance. I do like the song though I wish he had more style in his delivery.

21. Malta
This song IS soo catchy ahhh but it's missing something i dont know. It's fun and that guitarist has style :D

22. FYR Macedonia
She looks like she should be in an office somewhere... or on the Apprentice. I don't know lol. Interesting song- strangely addictive S:

23. Ireland*
OK it's Jedward :D I don't like Jedward but since they are at Eurovision and it's actually someone I know I'll be rooting for them. Their song 'Waterline' is better than last year's 'Lipstick' AND they have an interesting performance- loving the fountain! :D 

24. Serbia
This is kind of UK's direct competition imo... has quite a similar beginning and some riffs remind me of Engelbert's song. :/ But i kind of like this more haha.

25. Ukraine
NOT HERE FOR THIS. Absolutely nothing here. And her dress- it looks like cut up tissues ?

26. Moldova
And tonight's line up ends with madness from Moldova and his 'trumpet'. I'm ready for the results already ok.

*acts I'm rooting for :D  

OK Rooting for Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Iceland and Ireland. Those are my pick - so hope they win!!! Who are YOU rooting for? 

Friday, 25 May 2012

Eurovision 2012 Second Semi Final

Sorry I couldn't be live blogging this but I have checked out the entries and here's what I thought!

1. Serbia
For some reason, this reminds me of our entry idk... seems like direct competition for us and I kind of like this more EEEK (don't kill me) OK it develops into a much more dramatic thing towards the end :3
2. FYR Macedonia
OK wow so I thought this was totally boring and then it definitely DID pick up! Not really sure I like this but the guitarist has style!
3. The Netherlands
I loved the fire pits in the first 3 secs into the performance then I saw that headdress-- hmm... and then the voice... Hmm noo... what's next?
4. Malta*
What should've been a super catchy song, there is something missing from this and the backing crowd effects are so lame. It's really not that bad I don't know why I seem to be sounding mean LOL I hope there are standout performances soon or I may get even meaner!

5. Belarus
THEIR MIC STANDS ARE SO COOL . lol just saying. BUT BUT BUT vocals are not doing it for me. Not even close compared to Switzerland (who sadly did not make it through) so I have little hope for this- it would be atrocious for it to!
6. Portugal
This is similar to that green dress wearing woman from Tuesday's semi 1 but this is more standard and not as emotive. She has a good voice but this is boring sorry.
7. Ukraine
When is is ok to wear cut up tissue? And this song. This voice. EEEEK OUCH. I'm kind of glad I'm watching this on catchup cos I can just skip it. DONE.
8. Bulgaria
ANOTHER ear piercing atrocity. NEXT.
9. Slovenia*
Compared to the acts so far, this is a beautiful relief. She has a beautiful voice and a simple performance, but may bore some people. AND her dress is gorg. LOL that back up singer looks evil!

10. Croatia
Oops did not pay attention to her singing been too busy staring the the strange dance moves and what those male dancers are wearing. And what are they doing with that white sheet hmm...
11. Sweden*
OK wow is this a martial arts vid or something? Is she promoting a new dance routine? Is this what we shud all be doing at the club? I don't even know but she has a great voice and a cool song.
12. Georgia
Umm wow... this is a mess through and through. You aren't a joker you're just a joke.
13. Turkey
LOL are they 'flying the flag'? those dance moves wat is this. he sounds a bit drunk as well.
14. Estonia*
Simple and great voice- and I want that waistcoat. OK he prob has the most powerful male voice in the competition :D GO ESTONIA!

15. Slovakia
I NEED AN EAR DOCTOR I think my drums just burst.
16. Norway
Umm I actually thought a woman would appear under that hood. SHOCKER. He has got moves- omg tooching his way through this performance. WOW.
17. Bosnia and Herzegovina*
Another simple vocal performance :D Beautiful !
18. Lithuania
Why is he wearing an eyeband? >< He has a good voice but deffo prefer Estonia.

*acts I like and want to see in the final!

OK well, this semi final was rather disappointing (I couldn't even pick 10 I want to go through LOL) compared to the first and had Switzerland been in this one, maybe they'd have gone through? I don't know... but I definitely enjoyed it more on Tuesday. But which acts will make it through to the final on Saturday?

I eat my words this semi final just got better. The winners of the past 5 years are performing on stage for the interval act? THAT IS AWESOME. OMG how did they get everyone back? that's huge- but surely wasted on those who don't watch the final? I hope Ell and Nikki don't perform- save their winning one for Saturday :W

Dima Bilan was a bit of a mess- Maria was great- OMG Alexander Rybak is amazing and Lena awwww this is so cool I actually love this performance- sooo awesome to bring them back. :D and then it turned into a bit of a mess when Ell and Nikki came out and started singing Waterloo LOL I'm just glad they're saving their winning song for Sat. HMM I think they should've saved this for the Final interval act- :W 

Anywayyyyss the finalists through are...

'Avengers Assemble' Film Review

OK I know I am super late in seeing this film- I was going to see it on opening day but moved back to uni early- soooo bummed- and with deadlines catching up with me, I could only really see it now that everything is finished! So, I have just witnessed something spectacular and amazing and I can't wait to share with you every ounce of my juicy thoughts.

First up, I'd just like to say that the film should've stayed as The Avengers opposed to Avengers Assemble. Because now that they have assembled, the second film can't really be called Avengers Assemble 2 so idk, but let's not dwell on technicalities. Oh, I hope I didn't spoil anything by saying there WILL BE a 2, because let's face it, there was no way this movie is not getting a sequel, and with record breaking box office sales THREE WEEKS IN A ROW, people will see this sequel however rubbish it is.

But let's not get too carried away with the potential sequel and get back on track to the first. So, following on from the plot in Thor, S.H.I.E.L.D has the tesseract which is a beautiful glowing cube full of radioactive energy, potentially providing humans an unlimited supply of sustainable energy. Cast away and vengeful, Loki makes a deal with the Chitauri (a scary alien race) that in exchange for the tesseract, they will send their army of alien creatures to claim Earth for Loki to rule.

Armed with a powerful sceptre, Loki busts into SHIELD and steals the tessseract, brainwashing the heartwarming Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and the scientist from Thor whose name I have forgotten. Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) then recruits his Avengers one by one, starting with the beautiful and sexy Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson).

Thursday, 24 May 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 12 (Recap Episode) Recap

So it's the recap episode of ANTM NOT the finale BOO... and with the Cycle 19 hype coming already with images of the 30 finalists on the Facebook page, I'm afraid people will not care for the finale next week. Anyway, I'll just point out things that are interesting/funny/new and anything else - I'll just go with the flow~ ~

Alisha: These American girls are horny as hell. I don't think they're here to do modelling.

LOL at how Ashley says 'girl' (sounding like ghetto) and I knew they would put more of her amazing accent in! 

More Seymone troll-like anger.

LOL Alisha patting her weave all the timeee!!

Louise quitting footage

Sophie cleans her first plate.

Girls having a tooch battle.

OK i give up this recap is so boring... 

And Annaliese should've won the Kung Fu challenge!

So next Sophie will be up against Laura for the title of ANTM :P GO SOPHIE!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Apprentice Season 8 Episode 10 Recap

So last week Stephen had a narrow escape with being cut from the show and this week he will be project manager for team Sterling. The contestants are going to be shopping for bargains for discount deals and pitching them to discount websites. They will pick the good deals and put them on the website and the team that makes the most money wins. (money from the website i'm guessing opposed to number of clicks or whatever).

For Phoenix, Jade heads herself up as PM. WOW last time she was PM- there was a disaster haha! This is a promising episode :W Sterling is quick to leave and hunt for deals, whilst again, Phoenix takes ages to discuss AGAIN with Jade heading them.

LOL Ricky being distracted by the hotel and scallop eating. And not getting a deal from the hotel. Ricky was planned to go to Tring to meet another hotel but as it takes an hour to get there, he asks Stephen if he should take the risk which Stephen pushes him to do, but with Gabrielle's aid, decides against it at the end. 

LOL and Jade and Nick at the restaurant and not being able to work the calculator- I HAVE THAT CALCULATOR and it's not difficult to use! Haha I love that he is blunt with them. 

Ricky manages to secure deals at his second meeting and again gets given a plate of scallops :D AND AGAIN at his third restaurant deal HAHAHHAHA Can the body handle so many scallops?

So the teams have to get back to the daily deals website place by 7pm- and the teams are in a race against time - reminds me of ANTM go-sees haha.

Phoenix has six deals whilst Sterling has nine deals.

OK so apparently, the deals making the most money will win so I guess they do take into account the sales from each place?

In the boardroom, Phoenix was praised for their multiple deals whilst Tom and Adam were critiqued for their choice of deals submitted. In the end, 2/6 were accepted by phoenix and they accepted 3/9 from Sterling. Total sales £14500 for Phoenix and Sterling just over £6000. Phoenix wins! 

So Stephen's neck is on the line as Gabrielle and Ricky return to the boardroom with him. I really hope Gabrielle doesn't go! The PM has never been fired thus yet in any of these 10 episodes and I hope tonight Stephen goes home! I feel Ricky is pretty safe from the number of deals he made and sold. So it really is between Stephen and Gabrielle. EEEK!!

Back in the boardroom, Ricky is critiqued for his cap on his sold out deal and also not making the trip to the famous spa in Tring, but was praised for making the most money. Gabrielle was critiqued for fronting the fish spa place as it wasn't appropriate. 

But who goes home?

'The Great Gatsby' Film Trailer Preview

A film with a lot of hype behind it, the trailer to 'The Great Gatsby' has finally been released. From Baz Luhrmann, the adaptation is a glamourous modernization of the novel by Fitzgerald.

Boasting an all star cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan looking absolutely stunning and Tobey Maguire, the film tells of Midwesterner Nick Carraway's gradual involvement in the lavish lifestyle of Manhattan whilst witnessing great tragedy.

Sounds absolutely wonderful and I may even go ahead and read the book :P

The film will be released this Christmas has been postponed till Summer 2013 and in 3D (WHY?) Check out the trailer below:

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Eurovision 2012 First Semifinal

So it's that time of year again and I really should be doing my construction drawing (deadline tomorrow EEK) but I'm too loyal to the show and you guys! So here is what I think of the acts as they perform throughout the evening.

First thing, the stage looks quite phenomenal- with a fiery orange scheme and a fragmented jewel like stage- I love that prism the hosts are standing on :D

And the symbol this year looks A LOT like the Tangled flower !!

1. Montenegro
WHAT IS THIS. A trojan horse on stage cannot save this. AT ALL. No. I want this to be over now. Help my ears!

2. Iceland*
OK the Icelandic duet looks like hybrids of people that already exist. The man looks like a cross between David Beckham and that guy from Supernatural, whilst the woman looks like Christine Guldbrandsen. Either way, it's quite catchy and has a Christine Guldbrandsen vibe :)

3. Greece
WOW... clearly selling sex here with that gorgeous girl, the skimpy skirt and the lyrics... meh cheesiness is totally Eurovision and will probably make it through and do well :/

4. Latvia
LOL this is hilarious... it's again quite catchy but what is with the performance... >< pffft

5. Albania*
10/10 for erratic outfit choice :) She has a really powerful voice- but don't get the song... the piano backing is nice though :)

6. Romania
Her dress definitely matches the theme of the stage :/And that guy with the geek glasses and bagpipes is soo cool :D The fire effects and the screen effects looked amazing at the end.

7. Switzerland*
OK I love this- his voice is a tad annoying but this is a good song :D YAY GO SWITZERLAND GO! 

8. Belgium*
Another good song here- and Belgium are sending great acts to Eurovision recently! Unshamed plug here- previous Belgium entry Tom Dice just released his second album! :D And this girl is cool :)

9. Finland*
I don't understand a word she is saying but I feel like I kind of do just by her expressions and her actions. Simple but sweet :)

10. Israel
OK I knew the good songs had to end soon... and we're back to a cringey Eurovision typical act- with this horrendous thing- the drummer looks like Robert Downey Jnr :D and the pianist DOES LOOK STONED!
11. San Marino
Highly hyped- called 'The Social Network Song'... hmm... WOW. these lyrics what is this. wow. hope this goes to the final just for jokes. to be fair, kind of surprised songs about facebook hadn't made it to eurovision sooner!

12. Cyprus*
The stage looks beautiful! :D Catchy song- pretty Eurovisionish- can see it doing really well... la la la la la la love

13. Denmark*
Pretty cool song but what is that guy in the hoodie doing in the back- he looks so out of place and like he should be rapping somewhere in South London not on the stage of Eurovision! AND THEY GOT FLOATING LANTERNS IN THE BACK! WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?!

14. Russia
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.They are pretty cute though :) and I could do with a pastry right now :D

15. Hungary*
Sounds pretty good- lead singer looks like Will Young :p 

16. Austria
LOL Woki mit deim popo sounds so bad... like they're doing something with our poopoo >< and pole dancers LOL!?ok now it just sounds like they're f***ing with poopoo - I like the glowing strips on their costumes but they could've made it grander :/

17. Moldova
What is this music. It's just a mess Arghhh--- when is it over!! Another that hurts my ears. I really hope 'trumpet' isn't a euphemism.

18. Ireland*
OK HERE WE GO. Wow their costumes pretty cool- knights in shining armour? Will it be better than their entry last year? OK it is definitely a better song- cheesy but addictive :/ Their onstage water fountain is pretty cool! :D

*acts that I like and want to go through to the final

OK the interval showed the big 5 and their acts- really liking Italy, Germany and Azerbaijan :) Her dress looked amazing in that video- real 'GIRL ON FIRE'.

The 10 acts that made it are:


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