Monday, 30 April 2012

Tom Dice 'Heart for Sale' Album Review

The sophomore album to one of Belgian's hottest singers Tom Dice develops upon the sound heard in his debut album 'Teardrops', whilst showcasing his vocal and writing ability.

'Starting a New Life' as an opening track is an upbeat and somewhat catchy song but is tame lyrically and does not showcase Dice's best work. Although released a few months back, 'Utopia' still manages to capture our ears with a consistently strong rhythm and a familiar sound. 

The album goes up and down as it progresses with brilliantly written and melodic tunes 'Drive me to Paris', 'As If I'm on Drugs' interspersed between mediocre tracks which will definitely take a few more listens to grow on me.

The title track 'Heart for Sale' has a catchy chorus and a very interesting bridge which is lighthearted and fun... I'm sure we'll all be chanting 'Tom has got a heart for heart for heart for... for a long time' LOL! But this is good single material.

The album ends with tracks beautifully named track 'Firekisses' and 'Wonderful', the former a wonderfully addictive track with stunning lyrics reminding us why we love Tom Dice and the latter a soft closing statement to the album, a brilliant acoustic track.


1. Starting A New Life 3/5
2. Utopia 4/5


3. Out At Sea 3.5/5
4. Drive Me To Paris 5/5
5. Marry Me 3.5/5
6. Let Me In 3.5/5
7. Never Gonna Stop 4/5
8. As If I'm On Drugs 4.5/5
9. Heart For Sale 4.5/5
10. Firekisses 5/5
11. Wonderful 4/5

TRACKS TO LOVE: Drive me To Paris, As If I'm on Drugs, Heart for Sale, Firekisses

'Heart for Sale' is an upliftingly fresh album giving us more of what we love about Tom Dice's music. Whilst some tracks do need a few more listens before they grow on me, there are certain a few standout tracks (Drive me To Paris, Firekisses) which will hook you from the first play.


  1. I ADORED this album! It's so frustrating that the album isn't sold in Russia=( I have to be content only by online listening

    1. can't you buy it on i-tunes?

    2. The album is indeed on itunes! :D

  2. Itunes isn't available in Russia.


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