Wednesday, 4 April 2012

SimCity (2013) PC Games Preview

OK. I've never been a fan of SimCity like I have with The Sims franchise but hearing about the games' reboot and the new features has really got me hyped for it like nothing else. 

First up, the graphics look soooo good and probably on par with The Sims 3 level of graphics and detail, but what has got me super excited for it is the fact that this has online multiplayer capacity. What happens in other people's cities can and will affect your own. 

For example, if a neighbouring city is heavy in coal production, pollution can drift to yours and you will have to clean it up. Labour can also move from city to city and there is a possibility for resources to be traded over some sort of market. 

Just how this works out will make or break this game. If done well, it could be astonishing, but having been previously disappointed by Spore (hyped over it for several years), I am being slightly sceptical until I can see exactly how it works... but nonetheless there should be a great single player mode.

BRING ON 2013! It has a release date of Feb 13 2013 on Amazon and is apparently selling for £40. WOW. Check out the E3 trailer for it below:


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