Sunday, 15 April 2012

Roxanne Emery 'Turn Back' EP Album Review

I've been waiting for this for a while now for new tracks and finally a new EP has been released and it doesn't disappoint!

There are six songs on this EP:

1. Turn Back 4.5/5
Being the lead title track, 'Turn Back' has a beautiful and memorable introduction and riff which gets stuck in your head. Having been played on national radio for the first time on Friday (big YAY), this song and EP will hopefully get more recognition it deserves!

2. Tug of War 4/5
This was surprising and unexpected when I first heard the previews, but listening to the full track it is amazingly catchy but also beautifully written. I am excited for the upcoming video release to this track which is one of her most upbeat yet!

3. Walk Through Fire 5/5
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. Softly sung, it builds up to a chorus which is so perfectly written, I am in addicted to this track. One of my favourites on the EP. 

4. Pick The Rose 5/5
The album continues to delight with a slightly darker Roxanne emerging in this beautifully written and sung track. The hook is extremely catchy and I love this too!! :D I'd love to hear this live!

5. All That I Am 4.5/5
Slightly more produced than the previous version we've heard, the additions make this much more addictive and catchy. 

6. Hero 4/5
Having previously heard Roxanne's live cover of this popular song on Youtube, this recorded version is more controlled. Whilst I love the rawness of her live vocal, there is a softness in this that makes it different still.

Since her last EP, 'An Introduction to Roxanne Emery', she has definitely not stopped delivering great music. 'Turn Back' offers another great set of varied tracks, both soft and more upbeat, all carefully written and emotionally invested into. My favourite tracks from this EP would be 'Pick the Rose' and 'Walk through Fire', and hopefully she will perform them on her FIRST HEADLINE TOUR on Tuesday which I'm lucky enough to go to!! 

Check out the previews on iTunes and purchase it here.

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