Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ringer Season 1 Episode 22 (FINALE) Recap

After a dream about her wedding and seeing Bowoway there, Brigette decides to tell Andrew and Juliet the truth, but when she is approached by Jimmy Kemper and he threatens to make Macawi hunt her down, she pays him to go away.

Macawi kills Kemper and takes his money. Brigette does not manage to tell Andrew as he read her his vows at dinner. Abergast tells Andrew about Siobhan's affair with Henry and Andrew breaks up the wedding. 

Brigette tells Andrew everything but despite admitting he still loves her, asks her to leave. Brigette tells Juliet the truth but she also does not accept her. Andrew and Juliet leave for a trip together.

Siobhan receives the results of the paternity test Henry asked for and accuses him of being dishonest. She tells him the twins are his, but he already knew that they weren't and tells her it is over between them. He has also slowly taken all her money. Now she has no money and nowhere to go.

Just as Andrew and Juliet have left, Siobhan goes back to the apartment to collect all her jewellery but Bodoway is there and attacks her. Brigette returns to the apartment to see that Bodoway is there and runs up the stairs to catch him, but Siobhan runs away. She shoots him, but he is not dead and catches her leg and strangles her. Machado breaks in as she shoots Bodoway dead. 

Brigette's bodyguard digs up security footage of Siobhan and Charlie at the Hamptons and she discovers that her sister is not dead. She goes to Henry and he tells her that Siobhan made her take her place so she could die... and it ENDS.

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WOW this season finale was NOT what I expected... I thought Brigette will tell the truth about herself, be accepted by Andrew and Juliet, confront Siobhan, confront Macawi and have an explosive, but happy ending...  this leaves it very much open and unsatisfying if there isn't going to be a second season. The only thing that's really answered is that Macawi's now dead.

I DID like how Siobhan, now with nothing, wants her old life back, which is a good drive for season 2 if there is one, and for Brigette, I guess her future is finding her sister and reconciling with Andrew and Juliet. 

I'd love for there to be a season 2 but the numbers unfortunately don't justify it. :(

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