Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Ringer Season 1 Episode 21 Recap

So Brigette has been sedated and Catherine puts her in the bathtub to drown her. As she leaves, she discovers that the 'cell phone' is missing from her bag and returns to the apartment to get it, just as Andrew comes home looking for Siobhan. Despite trying to stall him, he discovers Brigette in the bath and rescues her. Catherine holds them both hostage.

Machado, on his way to Siobhan's gets picked up and is told to leave New York and go back to Wyoming. He persuades his colleague to go to the apartment as Siobhan is in danger. They do so, but Catherine makes them get rid of the cops.

Juliet returns home and becomes part of the hostage situation. Catherine calls someone for help which turns out to be... Olivia. WHAT. and they're in a relationship together? DOUBLE WHAT. 

Brigette asks Juliet to pick up ' the phone' and calls Machado with it. He hears everything and leaves to save them. Olivia calls Catherine to tell her to meet her which she agrees to... under Machado's command.

Catherine takes Brigette with her and after a struggle, Catherine is held under arrest by Machado. 

Meanwhile, Siobhan takes matters into her own hands again and heads over to the maid's house to blackmail her with fake documents. Doubling as a call girl, one of her clients arrive and Siobhan is shoved into the closet. However, the maid suffers from heart failure after taking drugs with the client. Siobhan goes into labour.

At the hospital, Henry asks for a paternity test. 

NEXT WEEK- Brigette will reveal the truth about her identity... Andrew wants a divorce... Henry accuses Siobhan of lying... some crazy action hostage scene happens with Bodoway... and wow... how will it all end?

With regards to a Season 2, I don't see how they will be able to successfully drag this double identity thing for another season, so I desperately hope it ends with a bang next week. Although, with the cliffhangers and twists we've been getting every episode thus far, I'm sure if it is left open, it has the potential to be picked up but A LOT of thought will have to go into how to make it fresh.

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